Acapulco faces the neglect of tourists

Acapulco.— Tourist reports indicate that Acapulco is 36% of the hotel occupancy, 34% below what is allowed in the yellow color of the sanitary traffic light; however, the visitors who are arriving do not respect sanitary measures to avoid contagion: they do not wear the mask nor do they keep a healthy distance.

There is even contempt also in the tenants, because in recent days the Acapulco city council closed clothing businesses, bars and restaurants for not complying with sanitary measures. This has been a constant; According to the government of Acapulco, since March, when the pandemic began, 163 businesses have closed.

The main tourist strip of Acapulco does not look crowded as in other years. The pandemic of Covid-19 It diminished the arrival of visitors to the best holiday season for Acapulqueños. However, both for tourists and for restaurants, hoteliers and service providers this season is a respite.

On the one hand, most tourists come from both Mexico City and the State of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos, where their governments fell back to the red color of the health traffic light due to the increase in infections and the increase in hospital occupation.

With the red, restrictions and closures of non-essential shops such as bars, discos and restaurants returned. Many wanted to leave, but many others could not: according to the Acapulco Tourism Directorate, after the announcement of the return to red in these states there were many cancellations in hotel reservations, but the same decided to vacation and get rid of the restrictive measures.

Acapulco for 15 days was declared in yellow, which means a relaxation of sanitary measures. On beaches like Papagayo, Tamarindo, Suave, Golfito and El Morro, tourists enjoy the beaches as in any other year.

They are concentrated in groups of 10, others less, but without preserving the distance of one and a half meters. The use of the mask is little used. Few of them use it, those who walk on the sand or enjoy the weather with their faces covered.

And it is also a respite for businessmen and locals in Acapulco. Until this December 30, the expectation has not been met, it is far from 70% in the allowed hotel occupancy. However, after three months of closure, all service providers prefer this to nothing.

The Guerrero government decreed the yellow for Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and Chilpancingo for this end of the year with the purpose of an economic recovery; However, it marked restrictions for those who come to celebrate the New Year at the port.

From the outset, the fireworks gala was canceled for the first time in 20 years to welcome the New Year.

The Guerrero government’s argument was the massive concentration of people in the bay on the night of the 31st: some 300,000 people attend, according to official calculations.

And the other restriction began this Tuesday, from seven o’clock at night nobody can be on the beaches until January 10, when the holiday season ends.

But the restrictive measures are not only for tourists. So far in the pandemic, some 163 shops have been closed for not respecting sanitary measures or the allowed capacity.

The last case was early Tuesday morning when the Acapulco city council closed a bar and a beach club.

In this regard, the governor, Héctor Astudillo Flores, warned that the closures will not be stopped for those who do not respect sanitary measures.

When he announced the move from Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and Chilpancingo to yellow, Astudillo Flores said it was to balance health and the economy after the blow that the pandemic is causing in businesses.

The governor warned that he would assume the consequences of expanding capacity.

Since July, when the Guerrero beaches were reopened after three months of being closed, both Héctor Astudillo Flores and the municipal president of Acapulco, Adela Román Ocampo, complained about the lack of compliance of tourists with sanitary measures and even arrived to ensure that after every weekend the infections of Covid-19 increased in the state.

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