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Abs: 6 common faux pas that we commit when doing them

One of the main goals when creating a new exercise routine is usually to tone our body, mainly the abdominals. Defining them, making them stronger, being able to show them off when we wear crop tops or that bikini that we love so much can be a good incentive; But what happens when you put your best effort, the more you realize that you are not doing it well, because you simply do not see the results anywhere.

Many times it not only has to do with that diet that we decide to do at the beginning of each year (or month), when we should only aim to maintain a healthy diet in the long term; or with refreshing the gym membership to achieve those desired strong abs, but more with the unconscious mistakes that we make and that harm our objectives.

Whether you go to the gym or consider a short exercise routine to strengthen abs at home, do not overlook these recommendations that we will give you below and pay close attention to the Common mistakes you may be making while strengthening your abs.

Most important: not controlling your breathing

Correct breathing is the foundation to properly perform all kinds of physical exercises. Thus, It is vitally important that while doing sit-ups you breathe in and breathe out well so as not to exhaust your body early. Align your breath and movement, inhale as you lower towards the floor and exhale as you lift your shoulder blades off the floor. By syncing your breath to movement directly, you create a more natural rhythm and help minimize your chances of holding your breath.

You’re putting a lot of pressure on your neck

Have you ever felt the front of your neck start to ache after several repetitions of crunches? If that’s the case, you’re not alone this is one of the most common mistakes, but that means you are probably holding your neck at a weird angle while doing the exercise. Whether you’re squeezing your chin too high (toward the ceiling) or too low (toward your belly button), this can cause muscle strain or pain in the surrounding joints. Although we often avoid it, forcing the ‘double chin’ is a good thing in this case. Slightly bending your chin can help improve the position of your neck.

You are raising the trunk too much

Another common mistake is the loss of core participation and pelvic control. Especially if you do a lot of repetitions of crunches, you can begin to lift your lower back and pelvis slightly off the floor as the muscles begin to fatigue. While doing it for a few sets usually won’t cause any problems, you may experience some pain in your hip and lower back if this mistake becomes a habit. How can you fix it? Trying to raise your trunk between 30 or 45 degrees or; Place a resistance band flat under your spine and ask a friend to remove it, if it’s in the right position, the band shouldn’t move.

Maintain a consistent routine

If your desire is to have a firm abdomen for the summer, you better start working now and with great perseverance, but without doing it crazy, with infinite repetitions of abs. You must have an established guide according to your physical capabilities and goals to achieve, in order to avoid hurting yourself for not keeping track and skipping training days and then compensating it with an absurd amount of ‘crunches’.

Don’t forget your water bottle

Not hydrating can be very counterproductive when you do these types of exercises. Drinking water before, during and after the abs is essential to avoid fatigue and that you can correctly complete your exercise routine.

Of course, the food

Doing crunches with all the rigor that you impose yourself will be completely inefficient if you neglect your diet. It is imperative, mainly for your health and well-being, to put aside processed fats, sugar and excess salt and give a larger space in your eating plan to fruits, fish and vegetables, among others.

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