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Abortion: the comparison made by the president of La Rural to reject the law

Daniel Pelegrina, president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA): “There is no” voluntary “interruption of life in nature from its very origin, the moment of conception” Source: Archive – Credit: Archive-Hernán Zenteno

The president of the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), Daniel Pelegrina, spoke out against the legalization of abortion and called for a binding consultation of the public.

The leader pronounced this before the vote in the Senate in a message on his Twitter account.

“The men and women of the country live daily with the laws of nature. We know its cycles well. There is no “voluntary” interruption of life in nature from its very origin, the moment of conception “, Pelegrina pointed out.

“I ask the senators to look at what nature teaches us, to listen to what science and the Constitution say, but above all to listen to their representatives that we do not want this law. If not, make a binding consultation with the citizenship, and they will see it “, added.

Pelegrina is not the only sector leader who has publicly spoken out against it. Recently, after the half-sanction in Deputies, Carlos Iannizzotto, president of Coninagro, also expressed his disagreement.

“This bill, which has already been debated and rejected previously, supposes an individualistic view with a wrong concept of progress at the cost of discarding the life of the other. We need solidarity and take care of the other, with whom the country is built and the community is organized, “he said on Twitter.

“I resort to the quote from Pope Francis who asks us: ‘Is it fair to eliminate a human life to solve a problem?’ I believe that the State owes much more than this to its citizens, “he said.

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