Abigail, the girl from Santiago, celebrated the New Year with her family: “It is a miracle of God, it is getting better every day”

Abigail (12), the girl whose case went viral last November, celebrated the New Year with her family this Friday in Santiago del Estero.

A video of her father carrying her in his arms when they returned from an oncology control in Tucumán aroused outrage on social networks at that time.

The image that went viral and aroused outrage on the networks.

But 2021 started well for the Santiago family. Diego Jiménez, the girl’s father, told Clarín that “the miracle is being done in Abigail’s life. We say goodbye to the year that was not good at all and we ask God to continue helping us.”

“I thank God and all the people who are asking for my daughter; what is happening is a miracle and I hope my daughter continues to recover,” said Diego, who also said that they celebrated the arrival of the new year on a street in the San neighborhood Martín de las Termas.

Rosa Jiménez, the girl’s aunt, expressed her happiness: “We spend it as a family, we are taking great care of her. We are a large family, but we still share with the neighbors, who have helped us so much in these times,” he stressed.

Abigail and her parents. They claim that the girl “is getting better.”

According to her family, Abigail’s “is already a miracle. She goes out with us, thank God she’s getting better every day, she even likes to go for a walk, shares the table, sits down when she didn’t before. It’s something she has done. overcome, because I was scared, “says Rosa.

Abigail and her family.

After the scandal generated at that time, the governor of Santiago del Estero apologized for the situation experienced by the Jiménez family. Later, the provincial government agreed to transfer the girl by medical plane to the Austral Hospital, in Buenos Aires, where they confirmed her diagnosis and gave her palliative treatment. Currently, the girl is cared for at her home by health personnel from the Province.

The girl was transferred to Buenos Aires in a medical plane. (Photo / Maxi Failla)

Abigail’s family toasted the arrival of the new year and asked that the girl can have a normal life and be able to “swim again. It is unique and magical about the people, who are asking with devotion for Abigail’s health,” she says his father, and asks that “continue with the prayer chains”, after stating that “the miracle is happening.”


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