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A young rapper was found dead at Christmas and it is being investigated if it was a femicide

The singer in a photo of her social networks.
The singer in a photo of her social networks.

On December 15, Paula Monica Gimenez, 21, known in the Misiones hip hop scene as “Gemma” or “Chini”He had decided to break his silence. After weeks of anguish and fear, posted several Instagram stories reserved for his best friends, where he admitted to being afraid of what could happen to his life in the immediate future.

It’s the first time in my life that I’m really afraid. And I publish it because I am really afraid … (…) I feel the need to publish it because if something happens or happens to me, let it be known that I ever wrote this (…) I am aware that something could happen and I am avoiding it, hopefully not … I want to think not. But if it happens, break everything”He warned.

Ten days passed since that publication: in the early morning of December 25, already at Christmas, Paula appeared dead, hanged with a cable, inside her home located on López y Planes y Jauretche avenue, in Posadas. He had never made a police report.

infobae-imageThe help message that Paula published on Instagram and then one of the threats received from an unknown account
The help message that Paula published on Instagram and then one of the threats received from an unknown account

For the moment, the missionary Justice classified the event as a doubtful death and is investigating whether it could be a femicide, whose main person indicated by the girl’s environment is a 21-year-old man named Franco N., who was her partner during the last year and who was the last person to see her alive., during the same dawn of Christmas.

According to the reconstruction that could be done in the investigation over the last few days, Giménez spent with Franco and other friends on Christmas morning at the house of another colleague, Rodrigo T, located right in front of the singer’s house.

“Gemma” and Franco arrived at the private party around 4.30 in the morning. The young woman had a daughter under the age of six who was spending the holidays with her father, in another part of Posadas.

They both stayed there until 7 in the morning, when Paula and Franco retired together.

Femicide rapper Paula “Gemma” Giménez Misiones

About 20 minutes later, Rodrigo received a call from Franco, who asked him to cross the street and go to Paula’s house, since she had allegedly sent him photos of a knife and a gallows-shaped cable, threatening to take his life if he did not I was returning to the house.

Once Rodrigo was able to enter his friend’s house, he found the artist dead, with a cable tied around her neck. After trying to rescue her, Rodrigo immediately notified the police.

A few hours later, Franco was detained by the Misiones police and was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court No. 3, in charge of Dr. Fernando Verón, who is in charge of the case. In his first statement, after being arrested, The young man indicated that he had no longer formed a relationship with the rapper for 6 months and that the girl constantly threatened him with self-injury if he did not want to return with her.

Paula Giménez had a daughter with a partner before her last boyfriend (gemma.58_)
Paula Giménez had a daughter with a partner before her last boyfriend (gemma.58_)

In addition, he indicated that after leaving Paula at home, he took bus 23 while she continued to send him messages to return. Franco N. was released one day after his arrest.

However, During the cataract of messages and publications that Paula made in mid-December, she seemed to draw a story diametrically opposite to the one told by Franco. The young woman also posted the phrase on Twitter: “I’ve never been so fucking scared in my life”.

In addition, he published on the networks Captures of chats in which, according to those close to him, suggested that his partner invented false accounts to threaten her on the different platforms. “If I see you close again, you and your daughter will regret it”, had been written in a message from a user called “fatima.12y”.

Paula Giménez's messages to an alleged relative of her last boyfriend
Paula Giménez’s messages to an alleged relative of her last boyfriend

There is also a capture of a talk by Paula herself with a man, who appears to be a relative or close friend of Franco. In it, the young rapper begs him: “Sir, Franco was at my house recently. He jumped over the gate and banged on my door like a madman. I did not attend to him and he left. But he is talking to me about Instagram accounts and he does not stop telling me things. I took a capture of everything and I have it saved. My dad wants me to put a restraining order on him but I don’t want to do that. But I’m going to ask you to please talk to him. Because my daughter wasn’t there today, but if he does that again and my baby is there, I’m going to have to report him. Please I ask you, I don’t want any more problems, ”the young woman wrote.

For the moment, Judge Verón kept the cover of the case as a doubtful death. During today, Monday, was in charge of taking investigative statements and it is expected thatand interview the singer’s parents tomorrow. In addition, he awaits the expertise of Franco’s cell phones and Gemma herself.

Only once the testimonies and evidence have been collected, the possibility of a qualification change will be resolved.


Gemma was one of the leaders of hip hop in Misiones. From his participation in freestyle battles to performances at festivals, he had managed to make a name for himself within the artistic environment of the province. For this reason, since the confirmation of his death, the networks show messages of condolences and memories about his work in the genre.

In addition, other rappers dedicated songs and improvisations to him throughout the last week.

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