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a young man was shot at a clandestine party

Different celebrations for the arrival of the new year, one in Mendoza and three in the Buenos Aires suburbs, ended in the worst way and fatalities were reported in both. In Mendoza, a young he was shot to death and another was wounded in the middle of a clandestine party; while in Villa Udaondo, Gregorio de Laferrere and Virrey del Pino, three deaths were registered, as a result of violent fights.

The victim in Mendoza was identified as Héctor Ezequiel Gutiérrez Ochoa (26), who presented an injury to the abdomen for which he had been operated on this Friday morning.

After the attack, the young man had been transferred by relatives to Lagomaggiore hospital where he was diagnosed with a “gunshot wound to the abdomen and a cutting wound to the head” that were enough to kill him.

Meanwhile, the other shot at a party was identified as Facundo Domínguez (23), who this morning entered the guard at Lagomaggiore Hospital around 5 am with a gunshot wound, where he underwent surgery and was hospitalized in serious condition.

The incident occurred when the young man was on the street and was surprised and surrounded by a group of subjects from the same neighborhood. At that moment, a firearm detonation was heard and the individuals withdrew from the scene.

According to witnesses, the boy was transferred by relatives and neighbors who were in block 47 of the neighborhood, where another illegal party was taking place.

In both cases, personnel from fiscal office number 2 of the sixth police station intervened and so far no detainees have been reported.

Bloody suburbs

The province of Buenos Aires was not far behind with respect to the violence accredited in the celebrations for the new year. As in Mendoza, three men aged 30, 17 and 18 were murdered.

The first assassinated, identified as Mauricio Cuvillier, 30, arrived injured at his home located in Facundo in 2100, between Federico García Lorca and Martín Fierro, in Villa Udaondo, in the Ituzaingó district. There, his sister tried to help him and took him to the Bicentennial Hospital, located in Coronel Brandsen where he finally died from gunshot wounds to the stomach.

This-is-the-area-where-they-killed-the-first-of-the-victims-in – Villa-Udaondo.jpg

The same fate followed Pedro Fabián Sánchez Andino, 17, who died at the Teresa Germani Maternal and Child Hospital, in Laferrere, after his mother took him for stab wounds to the thorax received in a fight at an illegal party. As determined, it was 19-year-old Lucas David who intercepted him on the street and stabbed him.

To complete the terrible count with which the Buenos Aires families received the New Year, Facundo Sebastián Monzón, 18, was shot in the chest and finally killed in the Early Attention Unit of La Matanza. As identified by police sources, it was 21-year-old Tomás Laureano who shot him near his home.

Source: Télam and Crónica

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