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A young man appears to have a disability to obtain alms in Guayas

Begging in the country was a very alarming fact due to its daily increase, but today with the pandemic this situation has overwhelmed the support capacity of many shelters, among other entities.

Although there are no statistical data, it can be seen that in recent months there are more people, especially at traffic lights, asking for charity.

This is the case of this young man in Guayas who pretends to have a disability to ask for money on a busy highway.

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“First the liar falls before the thief”, comment users in networks, the video went viral and we can see the boy walking normally without any difficulty as he simulated minutes before.

Begging on the streets of big cities is in some cases of people lying or pretending to be ill. However, social entities that handle these cases ask not to collaborate with these people to avoid their increase.

“He urged the authorities to investigate the incident and apply sanctions, if any,” commented a user on Twitter @eduazul86

To this order from National Council for the Equality of Disabilities (CONADIS) They responded by requesting additional information to open an investigation.

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