A video shows the moment when the car drags the motorcyclists

According to Píparo’s version, six “motochorros” intercepted her and stole her billboard with 20,000 pesos and her iPhone phone. After that, and when she was going with her husband to make the complaint aboard her Fiat 500L, they were again intercepted by those who believed that they were the same “motochorros” who had attacked them.

At that moment, they rammed one of the motorcycles on streets 21 and 39, and it appears in 21 and 37, and the latter is observed in the broadcast video.

For this fact they were injured Luis Levalle (23) and a 17-year-old teenager, whose lawyers asked that Píparo’s husband be detained on the grounds that he tried to commit a double homicide.

Finally, it transpired that the legislator is not going to resign from the bank or take leave from the Ad honorem position that she has in the Secretariat of La Plata.

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