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A tender moment goes viral when a gorilla mom is excited to see a baby

A video captured at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston has gone viral that shows the emotional gesture that a gorilla mother has made when she sees a baby in her mother’s arms through the glass.

The images have been viewed and shared millions of times to coincide with Mother’s Day, which was celebrated on Sunday in various countries around the world.

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Michael Austin, father of Canyon, the five-week-old baby in the arms of his mother, Emmelina. They made a family visit to the zoo that ended up being a very special moment of connection with Kiki, the gorilla mother and her own calf born a few weeks ago named Pablo.

The gorilla mom had a connection to the baby

The gorilla mother looks at him with a gesture of tenderness as if she wants to have him with her, moved she seems to want to caress her.

“The gorilla looked at Canyon tenderly for more than five minutes,” explained the father.

At the end of the video, we see the baby gorilla born a few weeks ago approaching the glass and the mother seems to introduce her to humans, creating a very special moment of connection between mothers and their babies.

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