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A storm hit the Atlantic Coast | Mar del Plat …

In the middle of the summer season, this Wednesday a intense temporary it hit a large part of the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires and forced tourists to stay in their accommodations urged by local authorities. In addition to Villa Gesell, the most affected city, throughout the day on Wednesday there were storms and ruled red and orange alerts of the National Meteorological Service (SMN) in several cities of the Partido de la Costa, as well as in Mar del Plata and Necochea. The weather is expected to begin to improve this Thursday.

As reported by the municipality of Villa Gesell, the rain started at dawn, around four o’clock, and from eight o’clock in the morning the most intense precipitations that lasted more than an hour were registered. “There were many flooded streets that broke completely and cars that were trapped under water“said the head of local Civil Defense, Nahuel D’Aquila, who added that “many fell trees above houses

In this sense, he stressed that together with personnel from the Voluntary Firefighters and the provincial Civil Defense, they carried out tasks in the most affected sectors, such as walks 136 and 139, in the first blocks from the waterfront. “We had no problem with injured people“, clarified the communal official. The Gesellino Firefighters asked people not to leave their homes throughout the day.

Although the epicenter of the storm was in Villa Gesell (see separately), in Mar del Plata there were also registered roof blasting, falling trees, flooded streets and some power outages. On Wednesday afternoon, the head of Civil Defense of the General Pueyrredon Party, Rodrigo Goncalvez, remarked that, until that moment, no people were affected or evacuated, while explaining that they were working on power outages, “something that changes with the passing of the hours.”

For his part, the mayor of the Partido de la Costa, Cristian Cardozo, assured the C5N channel that it was “a very strong storm that has hit the entire region, “so he asked” all who are in the area to circulate as little as possible until the water goes down. “In addition, Cardozo explained that” the descent of the water towards the beach sector was very intense and the area was affected, fifty millimeters it rained in the Partido de la Costa“and said that for Thursday” an improvement in the climatic situation is expected. “

In Necochea, the director of Civil Defense, Augusto Fulton, indicated that despite the heavy rains that hit the city since Tuesday night, no “major issues” were recorded: “We were with some road machines working in specific areas, where the water had accumulated, to drain and prevent it from getting into houses, “said Fulton, adding that” it is planned that follow the bad weather until Thursday but at the moment there are no major drawbacks. We know that when there is a weather alert the situation can change, but so far is normal within the time frame“.

The SMN red alert was launched on Wednesday morning and lasted throughout the day for the cities of San Cayetano, Lobería, Adolfo Gonzáles Chaves, Coronel Dorrego, Tres Arroyos and Necochea. There was also an orange alert for Ayacucho, Partido de la Costa, Mar Chiquita, General Guido, General Madariaga, General Pueyrredón, Maipú and Balcarce. Due to the danger of storms, all jurisdictions recommended to the population to stay at home or, failing that, stay away from coastal and riverine areas, in addition to avoiding driving on flooded streets.

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