A senator from Together for Change announced that they will go to court if Congress legalizes abortion

The national senator of Together for Change Silvia Elías de Pérez announced this Tuesday that, if Congress approves the official project to legalize the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, will resort to Justice to declare the “unconstitutionality” of that rule.

“If it were to become law we are going to raise unconstitutionality. Our country has bound itself to the highest standards with the protection of life from the moment of conception, he said in statements made to the press stationed in the Legislative Palace and reproduced by the AP agency.

In addition, the legislator targeted President Alberto Fernández and accused him of “pressuring” the senators to support the bill that his government turned to Congress and that it already has half a sanction from the Chamber of Deputies.

“Without a doubt, as never in history, it has an absolutely open ending. This absolutely open ending, with a lot of danger, is because it depends on whether the senators vote with their conviction, which has been reiterated by many of them, or if they yield. to the pressures that never in the history of this Senate have we seen in the person of the President of the Argentineans, “he said.

The senator added that “what President Fernández is doing has exceeded all limitsIt is tolerable “because, he reiterated, the Head of State” is personally putting pressure on different senators of the Nation. “

“What we see is a stubbornness of the President against the most vulnerable, while the Deputies are seeing how they take a part of the pension assets of our elderly, now they are also stubborn here to see how attentive or leave the lives of the most unprotected. vulnerable, “he insisted. .

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