“A question of life and death” – Lindner wants “crisis production” of corona vaccine – domestic policy

Drastic words of criticism from FDP leader Christian Lindner (41) to start vaccination!

Lindner complained on Sunday evening on the political talk show “The Right Questions” on BILD Live: “Nothing goes as well as the government claims.”

The sobering finding of the liberal: “Reality falls far short of expectations. We will have to talk about this in the next few days and weeks. ”The order of the vaccination doses by the federal government was“ adjusted very late ”.

Germany ordered an additional 30 million cans shortly before Christmas. Other states have already completed their orders!

According to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (53, CSU), Lindner also demands significantly more speed in vaccine production in the Federal Republic – and completely new ways to accelerate the production of the vital vaccine:

► Lindner: “It is a crisis-ridden situation, so we need crisis production. We should meet all legal, economic, political and technological requirements so that vaccinations can be carried out faster. “

For the FDP leader, the case is clear: “It is a question of life and death, a question of our freedom and it is a question of survival for our economy too. Because she’s already in the intensive care unit. “

Specifically, Lindner suggests that the Mainz-based company Biontech should have the vaccine produced by other manufacturers under license: “The government should check with the pharmaceutical industry as a whole: Where else are there capacities that can be used for the production of a vaccine?”

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