“A question of life and death”: Lindner: Examine license production of vaccines

“A matter of life and death”
Lindner: Examine license production of vaccine

Christian Lindner calls for vaccine production to be ramped up significantly. Specifically, the FDP boss suggests that certain vaccines be produced by other manufacturers under license. There is approval from the ranks of the left.

FDP leader Christian Lindner has called for more speed in vaccine production in Germany. “It is a crisis-ridden state, so we need crisis production. We should meet all legal, economic, political and technological requirements so that vaccination can be carried out more quickly. It is a question of life and death, a question of our freedom and it is a question of survival also for our economy, because it is already in the intensive care unit, “he said in the evening in the” Bild “show” The right questions “.

Specifically, Lindner suggested thinking about whether a vaccine like that from Biontech could not be produced under license by other manufacturers: “The government should check with the pharmaceutical industry as a whole: Where are there still capacities that can be used for the production of a vaccine? ? “

The left-wing health politician Achim Kessler told the “Spiegel”: “According to the First Civil Protection Act, the Minister of Health can force companies to grant other companies a license to reproduce.” The federal government must now do that quickly. “If the federal government does not exhaust all legal possibilities now, it endangers countless lives.”

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder had also warned of the negative consequences of delivery bottlenecks. “Endless waiting also reduces the willingness of the population to be vaccinated,” said the CSU head of the dpa in Munich. Unfortunately not enough vaccine is available yet.

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