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a nurse was infected again after receiving the vaccine

A nurse from Zonal Hospital of Añatuya, in Santiago del Estero, the coronavirus was infected by second time in two months And it’s already causing a national commotion. It is that in addition to being a reinfection that could affect the health of the woman, the authorities of the health center confirmed that it is a worker who already received the first dose of the Sputnik V.

The vaccination campaign that began in Buenos Aires on December 29 and was intended for health personnel only, in Santiago del Estero began a day later. On that day, workers from the regional hospitals of Fernández, Frías, Termas and Añatuya received the first dose. Among them, the nurse who yesterday tested positive for Covid-19.

After days of being vaccinated, the Santiago woman began to develop symptoms compatible with the coronavirus and decided to swab herself. The result was known in the epidemiological report on Wednesday, January 6 and, along with eight other residents of the province, gave positive.

Although at first the possibility of adverse effects of the vaccine, which includes pain at the injection site, hyperemia, swelling, or systemic reactions such as flu, general malaise or nausea, was considered, this was quickly ruled out. Is that as reported from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the effects caused by Sputnik V are manifested in the hours after vaccination and they last a few 24 hours approximately.

Dr. Florencia Coronel, Head of the Provincial Immunization Program, referred to the fact and explained that “it takes a few weeks for the organism to generate vaccine antibodies to protect itself from the disease.”

Santiago del Estero.  The second dose arrived this Thursday.

Santiago del Estero. The second dose arrived this Thursday.

“It is possible that a person becomes infected with the virus that causes Covid-19, just before or after being vaccinated, and that they become ill because the vaccine did not have enough time to generate protection,” reported the Doctor in relation to the cases that they could test positive even after injection.

A second question arises, in this case, regarding the second contagion of the woman in the span of two months. It is that although it is believed that the antibodies of a person who contracted the disease could immunize it during three months, this does not always work the same way.

Therefore, and taking into account that it is a health professional who still owes the second dose of the vaccine, the health portfolio is analyzing the health of the nurse to find out if it is a reinfection caused by a new exposure to the virus and the non-generation of antibodies in adequate quantity, or to a probable reactivation that may occur within 45 days after the first Covid-19 infection.

With the first complete vaccination campaign, in Santiago del Estero they are preparing to carry out the next day of injections. On the morning of this Thursday, the 3,150 doses of Sputnik V vaccines that complete the first batch of 5,900 announced by the Government arrived in the province and hope to confirm a date to vaccinate the remaining personnel.


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