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A new video shows Ricardo Papadopulos seconds before running over and killing the 5-year-old boy

New videos of the accident in Flores were released

Ricardo Emanuel Papadopulos has been detained since last Friday for running over and killing 5-year-old Isaac Sus and wounding his mother Deborah, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores. Five days after having surrendered to Justice, in the last hours new videos of the event were known, for which he is charged by aggravated wrongful death.

First, the footage shows Papadopulos driving his father’s white Volkswagen Golf GTI car to eleven blocks before the place where he rammed Isaac and his mother, in Avenida Directory and San Pedrito. The film record allows the detainee to be observed driving at Lacarra avenue and crossing a green traffic light.

A second video corresponds to a camera located on the intersection of Directory and Portela Street, 300 meters from the corner of the accident. Precisely to that place corresponds the third recording, where it is seen that Papadopulos Dodge vehicles that are stopped waiting for the traffic light to change to the right and cross before them, without stopping at any time.

In this last image you can also see the truck that circulates through San Pedrito, which, according to the version of the detainee in the investigation, prevented him from seeing Isaac and his mother.

Ricardo Papadopulos has been under arrest since last Friday
Ricardo Papadopulos has been under arrest since last Friday

For Papadopulos lawyer, Roberto Herrera, these videos that are incorporated into the file show that your legal representative “I was not driving doing crazy things”, but driving “normal as for what is an avenue”. “You do not see anything of what the complaint says. I do not think the rating changes and is considered eventual fraud. For that a bad maneuver should be represented. On the other hand, he has been circulating, brakes and starts the march again, ”said the lawyer.

In dialogue with Infobae, Herrera too pointed at the truck driver that appears in the image: “It has a very important responsibility because it produces what in criminalistics is called an interposition curtain. That is why we are going to ask for your statement ”.

Anyway, beyond defense considerations, The skills will determine how fast Ricardo Papadopulos was driving and what responsibility.

In your inquiry statement, the defendant said: “That day I was going to eat with a friend on the Avenida Directory. When he reached the intersection with San Pedrito he had a green traffic light. A large truck passed with a red light, took up most of the drive. I try to pass him, since he had a green light, and At that moment I got distracted thinking how it could be that a truck goes red. At that moment I realized that I ran into a woman ”.

The accused after being arrested
The accused after being arrested

Thus, before the judge Patricia guichandut, tried to explain why he did not stop assisting the victims and left them abandoned: “I was very afraid, since I had no record and I kept going. I went to the garage to put the car away. I couldn’t believe what happened. When I got out of the car I saw how he was, what had happened and I grabbed my head saying I couldn’t believe it.

For the time being, Ricardo Papadopulos will continue to be detained at Alcaidía 14. The charge for which he was investigated and which remains in force continues to be aggravated manslaughter for not assisting the victims. The results of the accident tests are expected in the next few days.

Meanwhile, The lawyers for the Sus family will emphasize the high speed at which the driver was going and try to turn the accusation into a murder with eventual intent, which is to say that Papadopulos must have represented that going at high speed could have caused the disaster that he made, which has a much higher penalty than the current face (3 to 6 years in prison).

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