A new video of the road incident involving Carolina Píparo’s husband was released

The moment that shows the drag of the motorcycle.

The cause is divided into two directions. This afternoon while Carolina Píparo began her statement as a witness for the theft she suffered on New Year’s Eve Before the prosecutor Eugenia Di Lorenzo and the lawyer Martín De Vargas, constituted as a private plaintiff, key images of the case were known: the moment when the Fiat 500 L car driven by her husband, Juan Ignacio Buzali, with the provincial deputy as a companion, dragged the Honda Tornado motorcycle manned by Luis Lavalle and with a 17-year-old adolescent as a companion. Lavalle was wounded in his head, an injury that required multiple stitches. Buzali, at least in the image, continues on his way.

Sources in the file assured Infobae that, for now, the video of the dragging is known, which would have extended for at least “300 meters” according to witnesses, but not that of the impact, a film that has not yet been recorded in the case.

For now, there is no formal arrest warrant against Buzali. The lawyer De Vargas made one, but the only one empowered in the case to request it according to the Criminal Procedure Code is the prosecutor. Judge Marcela Garmendia, for her part, rejected with the support of the presidency of the Chamber of La Plata the challenge presented by the lawyer, who assured that Garmendia’s son is an official in the city’s Municipality, which supposedly affected his bias. In her ruling, the judge He reasoned that the link has no bearing on the investigation, he spoke of “forced proposals” and “lacking argumentative and probative support.”

Juan Ignacio Buzali, husband of Píparo (El Día)
Juan Ignacio Buzali, husband of Píparo (El Día)

Meanwhile, the investigation continues.

The prosecutor, with the assistance of detectives from the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of La Plata, requested expertise from the Scientific Police both on the Fiat 500 L car in which Buzali and Píparo were traveling and on the Honda XR250 motorcycle in the one circulating Luis Lavalle (23) and the 17-year-old teenager at the time of being run over. Further, ordered scientific, photographic and mechanical expertise to identify the characteristics of the accident, with the aim of evaluating the speed at which they were going and the characteristics of the impact. The results of the studies carried out on Buzali’s blood are also expected, which will be produced in the coming days.

For the moment the qualification of the file is of culpable injuries and the only accused is Buzali. That is why the researchers will also evaluate the degree of injuries Lavalle sustained lAfter being run over by the Fiat 500 L. These studies were expected yesterday at the headquarters of the DDI in La Plata. However, according to the young man’s lawyer, Martín De Vargas, decided to refuse the measure considering that that police headquarters does not have the necessary elements to do an in-depth study.

Piparo when filmed by a witness after the crash.

What these skills determine will be key to establish the qualification of the case: minor, serious or very serious injuries.

Another expert result that researchers are still waiting for It is the toxicological, which was practiced on Buzali about 15 hours after having run over the motorcyclists. While it will be difficult to determine if he had ingested alcohol or some other substance, a source from the investigation clarified Infobae that that look in fact it would harm him in the event of a negative result, as it would indicate that he was aware of what he was doing when ramming the motorcycle.

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