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A new millionaire! Puerto Rican signs mega contract with New York Mets

After several weeks of negotiations between the New York Mets and the player Francisco Lindor, the Puerto Rican reached an agreement with the MLB franchise, for which he will remain in the team for at least 10 seasons.

Lindor, 27, will have the most expensive contract in the franchise, signing his signature for a figure close to 341 million dollars.

In fact, this number placed the Puerto Rican among the highest earning men in Major League Baseball, a unique responsibility that he will have to navigate from now on.

His current salary, which he negotiated in early 2021, will remain flat for the current season; however, for the next cycle the millionaire negotiation that it reached will be applied.

Francisco Lindor and his millionaire contract with the New York Mets

One of the clauses of his new contract establishes that he cannot be changed to 15 Major League teams, a statute that will come into effect from 2026.

For a few weeks, Lindor was negotiating his permanence in the Mets, although at times his departure was an option in his head.

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This deal will exceed the salary received by the Dominican Republic superstar, Fernando Tatis Jr., who until a few weeks ago was ranked in the top 3 of the players with the most economic income.

Francisco arrived in New York in the offseason, when the Cleveland Indians decided to dispense with his services.

The Puerto Rican is considered one of the best shortstop in MLB; in fact, the Puerto Rican is sure that he is one of the most important figures in the championship, although he will have to endorse it on the diamond.

“I am the best. I show it every day, I count on me every day. If we go tool by tool, several are better than me at something in particular. That difference between being conceited and confident in yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to admit to myself that I’m the best, but I have that balance.

“They say that smiles are contagious. I will be the same as always every day, I hope that is enough for my teammates and the fans. It is worth smiling. I am living a dream. This is the life I always wanted. I see no reason not to smile ”.

Francisco Lindor, Mets player

During his career as a player, Lindor has played four All-Star Games; He was even recognized with two Golden Gloves.

Playing for the Mets is a dream come true for the Puerto Rican

In 2020, its level did not peak; in fact, he hit .258 with eight home runs, though his best numbers have been 30 home runs and 20 scams per season, from 2016 to 2019.

In addition, he was nominated for the Most Valuable Player of the American League; however, it has not been able to obtain that merit.

His arrival with the Mets was one of the most important achievements in his career, but having this renewal is an even greater joy, as he will have the opportunity to become a legend of the New York franchise.

“There is so much excitement around the Mets that I can’t contain my joy. It is a new opportunity for me, my family, it is a blessing. I am blessed to play the best sport; in probably the biggest market and in one of the funniest cities in the world.

“I am ready to keep working and also to win. I am quite excited to be a part of this organization and I can’t wait to be a part of all the wonderful things that are happening in that clubhouse. I want to be a piece of the puzzle and I hope to reach the main goal, which is to win ”.

Francisco Lindor, New York Mets player

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