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A new card for each sign: Know your tarot of the week!

Like every Monday, the tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the advice of the Tarot cards for the week. One print run for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days in our lives are coming.

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The devil

The excessive attachment to material things is the worst way to achieve a certain and supposed happiness, since the material has a perishable and temporary nature, and requires, from the one who has them, integral physical conditions, including health, to be able to use them. It is obvious that I am talking about what is not essential, if not, what is banal, what is not, in any way, necessary. On the contrary, what is incombustible and safe from any calamity is the spiritual, humanitarian values, culture, beliefs and everything that does constitute a true heritage. The choice is yours.


The world

You are in a special period that marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another, which could also be the well-known turning point. In your case, the before compared to the after, which is the one that begins now, marks the accumulation of varied experiences, multiple knowledge, enough skills, to, if you decide, take a leap forward and achieve your purposes and goals in this stage of your life.


Four of Swords

You must take safeguards in your state of health in general. In the first place, due to the obviousness of the situation we live in and personally, since there is an excessive wear of physical and mental energy. The latter obviously, due to your personal characteristics that, given the serious stage we are experiencing, makes you think too much about how to solve the problems that arise every day, many of them difficult to solve. Rest, moderate your activity as much as possible, delegate, if you can, some of the load and take care of yourself.


The car

This week it will be less problematic than in previous stages to conduct your actions or direct your efforts in such a way that they are appropriate for your purposes and collaborate with the much-needed confidence with which you must face each of your personal obligations, without going to tutelage, if no, only your varied skills and abilities, without you being able to doubt for a moment that you have them and they are your heritage, necessary and sufficient to advance.


As de Bastos

Suitable days this week, to start professional or work activities, in general, either on their own initiative or through third parties. In both situations, your active participation in choosing the best option will be necessary, the one that adjusts, as far as possible, to your personal characteristics and, among these, preferably to your creative qualities, in which your personal stamp is unmistakable, and that , in these times, they are essential.


Nine of Swords

The practice of moderate self-criticism is a good way to improve in our actions, behaviors, managements and in everything that, ultimately, makes us better. The excess of this practice must be banished, as it will always be harmful, unnecessary, and ineffective. We are not perfect and we cannot pretend to be. Errors by action or omission are part of our nature and, consequently, unavoidable and it is good to assume them.


Queen of Swords

There are many things in everyone’s life that drag, sometimes, for too long: toxic relationships, commitments made at an inappropriate time, activities that do not fill, places with negative energies, undesirable tasks and a long etc. It is essential, in order to improve our quality of life, to cut with that, as far as possible. Maintaining it is like lengthening the agony and, perhaps, arriving at objectively unmanageable situations.


Eight of Swords

All of us, at one point, have had the undesirable sensation, real for the rest, of feeling overwhelmed by the multiple problems that may arise at the same time. Apart from the complex, if we see it in another way, optimistic, by the way, it can be a great opportunity to put ourselves to the test and discover how much we are capable in extreme situations and people like you have that ability, not so common, to get up a thousand times, despite everyone and everything.



We tend to think, wrongly, that we have everything we do under control, because we believe that we have firmly taken the reins of life, vain illusion, the prolonged and catastrophic situation that we live is the best example that confirms what has been said. We only control some of the routine and very little of the transcendent. Suddenly, as a test, let life positively surprise us with what it wants to give us, which does not mean to stop fulfilling obligations. It will surprise you.


The Empress

Calmer and more bearable days will be presented, without forgetting that we are in a long critical and extremely complex period and that we cannot lower our guard or abandon the essential care of the pandemic. Bearing this in mind, we can still enjoy the benefits of a week without great complications, perhaps similar to that of those days of the past, when everyone could relax a little more and receive with gratitude what life suddenly gave us.


Wheel of fortune

Everyone’s situation is, whether we like it or not, changing. One day we can have that familiar trilogy of health, money and love. And the next day, we lack everything that seems essential and, strictly speaking, it is. Nothing is eternal, sometimes you have it, other times you don’t. In a word, all that is supposed happiness, sometimes so fleeting. A good way to cope with these ups and downs that life brings with it is by practicing sobriety, which is what can help us to give things their fair value and not fall into excesses.


Two of Swords

Complex days in the event that you had to make options or choose between more than one alternative, in any issue or situation that arises. It will not be so different from other times when a dilemma like this has been faced. The first suggestion, almost obvious, is not to choose without first submitting the case to an evaluation in which your conscience prevails, and another factor that may be determining in your case, intuition. Don’t discount it.

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