Antigua Guatemala Soccer Club a name has been made in the chapin championship in recent years, being one of the most title winners in the present decade and that it has earned him to participate in international competitions, although in this last season (Opening 2020 and Closing 2021) has not had the expected results and that has made him fall into the drop zone.

The avocado trees, as they are known in the Chapin country, They do not know what it is to win in the Clausura 2021, they have three draws and four losses, that added to the irregularity of the past championship in the regular phase, it has fall into the red stalls of the season and makes it turn on the alarms in the institution.

The antique painting was positioned in the penultimate position of the accumulated table of the 2020-2021 season with 23 points, one unit away from leaving the drop zone. Although its outlook seems complicated due to the good time that teams like Takes sparks which is one of its direct rivals.

The team’s bad timing caused the trainer American Jeffey Korytoski was fired, his replacement is the Mexican Roberto Montoya that seeks to improve the team’s direction. The Aztec already knows what it is to be with the colonialists, in the Apertura 2019 it was national runner-up after losing the final to Municipal.

Antigua GFC has been four times national champion (Opening 2015, 2016, 2017 and Closing 2019). Titles obtained after achieving his promotion in 2014, which got for buy the token of the already disappeared Deportivo Heredia.

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