“A minority”, those who seek to be vaccinated against Covid through influences: IMSS

In what was his last message of 2020, Zoé Robledo Aburto, director of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) said he was convinced that those seeking to be vaccinated against covid through influencesthey are a minority ” and highlighted in the institute that presides “we are not like that”, called for Mexicans to be in solidarity in 2021 and wished a happy new year.

“This 2020 I wanted to remember it like this, with warnings to that minority, because I am sure that it is a minority that is overcome by selfishness, which says ‘I’m going to get vaccinated even if it hasn’t touched me yet’, in the IMSS We are not like that, here we think as a single system, as a single great institution and we recognize those who have helped us and we want solidarity, help, mutual support as Mexicans to be replicated in 2021. Thank you very much, happy new year, keep taking care of each other, stay home and see you very soon ”.

In a video broadcast on his social networks, the official highlighted that today, on the last day of the year, he issued a new official letter addressed to all regulatory directors, heads of state representations and heads of medical units to tell them why it is so important to be aware that healthcare professionals serving on the front lines should be the first to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

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“It is important that those in the front row of care are the first in line for vaccination, that all those who were in charge are those in front and not the managers. The vaccine is going to be universal and everyone is going to play it, but we have to be very organized and convince them why this vaccination is like this, if we are clear about it, then everyone will be vaccinated in due time, “he said.

Robledo Aburto He recalled that hospitalizations in the Valley of Mexico continue to rise and commented that the pandemic has brought out the best in the population, but unfortunately also the bad. “We continue with high levels of hospitalization, but we continue to see solidarity, perhaps this year has brought out the best of the human being, also the worst, but we must concentrate on the good, in the hope of seeing gestures of love, solidarity and empathy of human beings ”.

During his video message, he highlighted that Social Security maintains a strategy in which those who go to the Family Medicine Units or the Priority Care Modules to get a rapid covid test and it comes out positive, are given a medical evaluation to know if the patient requires hospitalization or not.

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“But if you go home it is not that you are in your luck, in a process to reinforce care, a kit was generated that the most important thing is the care guide with what people should do with a group of medications that in some cases are indicated for non-serious cases or not very severe symptoms. I want to thank Farmacias del Ahorro for making us an important donation of medicines ”.

He added that the kit includes a pulse oximeter to monitor one of the indicators of the severity of the disease, which is oxygen saturation, and thanked a telephone company that donated 883 mobiles so that doctors from family medicine offices can communicate with outpatients. in order to know your health status.

“Family doctors have also been treating covid in this way, making phone calls to patients in outpatient care, they make calls home to see how their saturation is, what symptoms they have, their temperature and everything for two things, make recommendations to the patient, but also to warn if it is necessary to be treated immediately in a hospital, because the earlier it is seen, it is key to improve its prognosis ”.

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