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A Mini Guide to Serums for Beginners

Probably the one that works for Beyoncé does not work for you and no, you do not need industrial quantities to work.

Luz Lancheros, MWN

It doesn’t matter if your beauty routine consists of two steps or is as ceremonious as that of Korean aesthetics. A Mini Guide to Serums for Beginners

In recent years you have surely heard of serums. You probably have several or are crazy about those who have released the low cost brands that are so fashionable on social networks.

A Mini Guide to Serums for Beginners

But … did you know that not all formulas are what you need? Or that you can even burn your skin if you combine two serums with strong formulas?

This is a mini guide that will help you answer questions. And by the way, not to go crazy for a product that may be wonderful … but not for you.

What is a serum and what is it for?

“You have to understand that a serum itself is not a formula as such. They are gels or fluids. “

“They have gained strength in the daily beauty routine because they regularly have what is called the 5 by 3. They are 5 times more active than a cream, penetrate 5 times deeper into the skin and the results are seen 5 times faster. “

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A Mini Guide to Serums for Beginners

“And they have three relevant characteristics: lighter texture, better penetration and the amount of active ingredients, which, as I already mentioned, is 5 times higher than a cream. And the results are 5 times faster ”

This is what he explains to Metro Augusto Hernández, beauty coach of BellaPiel Colombia.

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Why are there so many?

“When serums came out, we had only one for everything.”

“But the lifestyle has changed. And more needs have been discovered and also more problematic in the skin. That is why these products have been specified. “

”There are several serums for each skin type and different needs. Also, in several textures: it is not recommended, for example, that you use a creamy one if you have oily skin, it is better one with a liquid texture, to begin with ”.

This explains Val Sierra, from FOREO, to Metro.

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“Each asset, each vitamin, antioxidant, has a special action within the skin. More than the amount of serums you can get, you have to know it. “

“It is very important to know what type of skin you have. It is different from the state or need of your skin. If you have oily skin and you are worried about spots, look for one suitable for your skin type, but let that work for you. “

A Mini Guide to Serums for Beginners

There are six basic needs to get from there: sagging, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, dehydration, sensitivity. These do not replace the cream, they are an enhancement of the treatment. “

“They also have better penetration into the skin, but not a holding action: if you don’t seal them with something, they evaporate. If you work on the spots, for example, you apply a serum and seal it with the cream so that it does allow it to push it further and not get out of the skin ”, complements Hernández. “In cosmetics, the great fight is for the products to penetrate. The skin is waterproof: for something to penetrate it it is not easy, it must have assets, technology and textures to pass through layers of cells ”, he says.

Application: yes and no

Val Sierra maintains that the serums help with the cosmetic aspect, but that they in no way replace more specific skin problems that require professional help. “For this you need a magisterial formula prepared by the dermatologist,” he says.

On the other hand, as a potentiator, it is key in a cleaning routine and subsequent protection. The expert also states that huge amounts of product are not needed to take effect.

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For his part, Hernández considers it dangerous to mix formulas if you do not have the knowledge to do so: “If you put on a free retinol and you take a free glycolic acid, you will probably burn your skin. The mixtures are within a stable formula, there are products with glycolic and retinols within stable amounts and permeable molecules for the skin, but they cannot be mixed together. The Ordinary has 15% glycolic acid and has a 15% peel and that produces side effects if not used well. To apply your products, respect a texture protocol: first the lightest texture goes and then the dense one ends. Aqueous facial toner, light serum and seal with moisturizer. Then comes the sunscreen, which is the densest texture, ”he says.

Popular formulas

Both experts claim that there are already active ingredients that have been known for decades, such as niacinamide, so popular these days, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

2 questions to …

Liliah Angelini, WGSN Trend Expert

Q: In cosmetics like the Korean there are up to twenty products for the face. Thanks to them, can we say that there are products that are more specific such as serums and moisturizers?

–When we look to the future we envision a scenario that will also consider a gradual optimization of people’s beauty routine. Fewer products and fewer ingredients, with a new wave of beauty brands promoting minimalism beyond fashion, creating multipurpose products with timeless appeal.

These have become ultra convenient, since the consumer’s pocket in the short term has contracted, given the context of economic uncertainty caused by Covid, but also due to a more restrictive consumer behavior, which has been gaining space year after year. . We point to “skinimalism” as a minimalist skincare trend, one of the top 5 trends for the beauty market in 2023.

Q: How did beauty products start to be so specific for each problem?

–We see a clear trend in multifunctional products, but it is interesting to note that there is a strong movement in specific beauty products, especially when we look at the plurality and diversity of bodies and skins. This break in beauty standards makes brands look more inclusive at beauty products and think about more specific products not only considering different types of treatment (dark circles, wrinkles, etc.), but also the diversity of skin, for example.

This also brings to the radar behaviors related to ultra-personalization, in which a consumer also begins to demand products made to measure, considering their specificities.

You can try … (yes, recommended by a specialist)

Hidrisage: It has four serums for specific needs and lifestyles. The Circadien is restorative, for the night, the Genetique is special for people with bad eating and lifestyle habits, the Circadien Preventive to combat the signs of aging and the L’Intelligence for spots, elasticity problems and wrinkles.

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Sérum de Niacinamida de The Ordinary: It is used for oily skin, blemishes and congested skin. It does not replace any acne treatment, but is complementary.

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Plump & Prime Face, de Too Faced: diminishes the appearance of pores, firms and volumizes. Serves as a makeup prep.

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Time Wise Pore Minimizer, de Mary Kay: reduces redness and pore size. Of course, it is not miraculous: it must be combined with a microdermabrasion treatment.

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Sérum, de Foreo: gives deep hydration, and is rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

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