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A medical adviser to Axel Kicillof said that Pfizer asked for a guarantee “glaciers and fishing permits” to bring its vaccine to the country.

The surgeon, sanitarista and advisor to the Buenos Aires government Jorge Rachid assured that in the negotiation for the vaccines Pfizer asked as a guarantee “a new law with unattachable assets that included glaciers“.

“Argentina offered the Central Military Hospital, which belongs to the State; it offered the best scientific team with the doctor Fernando Polack to the head; 6,000 clinical trials of Argentines were carried out without it costing Pfizer a single peso, to be able to collaborate like everyone else did, “said Rachid, speaking on radio AM 830.

Rachid, one of the doctors who is part of the Committee of Experts that advises Governor Axel Kicillof to define policies in the Province, said that one of the conditions of the Pfizer-Biontech laboratory to distribute vaccines in our country was a law “that government seemed logical because it is like the informed consent that you sign before entering an operating room, for example”.

“This happens because phase three lasts from two to five years and then we are approving all the countries of the world temporarily because the phase is going to continue. Now we have seven months of weekly verification that the vaccine does not harm and generates antibodies. In addition, it is reliable and we are not going to allow two million people to die when we have a tool like this, “he continued.

But then he said that when the law was approved, the government opposed “seizure assets in Argentina” in the negotiation and added: “They asked as a guarantee a new law with unattachable assets that included glaciers and fishing permits“.

“Phase three of the investigation lasts between 3 and 5 years. They asked for natural goods as a guarantee. They come here to walk as if it were a colony“, he questioned.

In addition, he said that Pfizer met again with President Alberto Fernández and “accepted that we are not going to give in on that and a contract is being sought.”

Later, in statements to Radio 10 with journalist Gustavo Sylvestre, he insisted that from Pfizer “they asked for specific seizable assets and Argentina has a very strong memory of the Frigate Libertad and Paul Singer’s Vulture Funds.”

“When I say glaciers it is not by chance, because two weeks ago fresh water began to trade on Wall Street. Let’s not forget that the owner of Pfizer is the Black Rock fund, the same one that tried to prevent the restructuring of Argentine debt“, he pointed.

Regarding the evolution of the pandemic in the country, he emphasized: “From the first moment we knew that we could not defeat the virus, that the only way to control it was through the ASPO.”

“Our quarantine lasted exactly 59 days. We have it accounted for by the follow-ups that we do through the Exact Sciences systems that specify when they loosen. The quarantine was also attacked“, he claimed.


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