A list of private doctors who will be vaccinated against COVID is already enlisted: AMLO

After doctors of the private sector denounced that they did not know when they will receive the vaccine against COVID-19, despite the fact that they have fought against the disease like those of the public, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) stated that there will be vaccinations for all.

In his morning conference on Wednesday, January 6, the Chief Executive announced that the Federal Government has already prepared the registry of medical personnel who treat patients with COVID-19 in private hospitals.

“The register of doctors who treat COVID in private hospitals is already being integrated, in that we are already making progress, because the commitment is to vaccinate them all, both government and private sector health workers, those who are in hospitals, even if they are private hospitals, ”he said.

He reported that the Federal Government already works with the associations of the private hospitals so that they deliver their registers and their personnel be immunized.

Likewise, Lopez Obrador pointed at ‘the morning‘that the doctors who attend private offices will also receive the anti-covid-19 vaccine, as he pointed out that “there are not many, and the vaccines will reach us.”

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, for the newscast In the morning, of Grupo Fórmula, the infectious disease specialist of the ABC Medical Center, Francisco Moreno Sánchez, commented that he considers the vaccination program “brief”, because the doctors in the private sector are not very clear when they will be vaccinated.

“So far 24,928 people have been vaccinated, but we do not know what the strategy is or which hospitals are being vaccinated or when they are being vaccinated. The private ones, obviously we don’t have clarity on this, ”he said.

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