A key advisor to Alberto Fernández spoke about the delay in the production of the second dose of the Russian vaccine: “We hope to be able to follow the agreed deadlines”

Interview with Cecilia Nicolini

After the acquisition of 300 thousand doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, the presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini, one of those in charge of negotiating with Russia for the purchase of that first batch, spoke about the step that will follow at the beginning of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus that begins tomorrow throughout the country after the report that the second dose would suffer a delay in its production.

Nicolini detailed: “It is a job that we are doing day by day together with the Russian authorities and everything indicates that we will continue with the deadlines agreed through the contract that we signed.”, He assured in the program From Here to More hosted by María O’Donell on Radio Metro.

And he continued: “We hope that in the coming weeks we can also begin to design the logistics to bring, not only the 300,000 doses of the second component, but also the other doses that we have agreed for the month of January, February and the subsequent months.”

The Sputnik V vaccine
The Sputnik V vaccine

Unlike other developments against COVID-19, which are given as two injections of the same product, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is based on two doses administered with different inactivated viruses, known as vectors. That way, the difficulty of producing the second formula would increase the risk of not being able to be applied in time to those who have already given the first dose.

The Gamaleya Institute, producer of the vaccine, assured that Sputnik V is more than 91% effective after the two-dose course. This fact led to a new challenge for the country’s ambitious national vaccination program. The decision to send doses of the vaccine to Argentina was not “free” for the Russian government in the face of its population. That move sparked protests in the country, where the drug is not yet available to the general public outside of the capital Moscow.

The arrival of the Russian vaccine (Presidency)
The arrival of the Russian vaccine (Presidency)

In this way, the adviser without giving too many details about stipulated dates, since the period between the application of the first component of the Sputnik V vaccine and the second is only 21 days, she stated: “The first thing to clarify is that the 21-day interval is a minimum interval. So let’s say that from the 21st there is a normal period of time that can be given. That, in the same way, I leave it to the experts to explain “.

And he added: “We have a clear picture, it will be defined although we are finishing defining some issues, such as documentation that we are still receiving. But in due course when we have that consolidated information we will communicate it ”.

The executive branch official who traveled to Russia last week to finalize details regarding the arrival of the first vaccines, specified details about the alleged problems within the vaccine production plants in the eastern country.

Nicolini with Alberto Fernández and Santiago Cafiero.
Nicolini with Alberto Fernández and Santiago Cafiero.

“It depends on the place of manufacture. There are some that have more production of one component than another. But it has to do with the fact that vaccines are biological producers. That is why it is difficult to talk about exact days because it varies, there are a lot of steps, such as certification, quality analysis, and so on. Not that there are problems with the production of one component or the other. If not, everything is being done in parallel. And in some centers they have more production of one component and others have more of the other ”, he assured.

After being questioned for the lack of publication of a scientific article certifying that the Sputnik V is in a position to pass the last Certification Phase, Nicolini said: “Can say that They have already confirmed to us at the Gamaleya Institute, who are the ones who write in an article, about the positive results of the interim report of Phase 3 and that it was already sent for publication. What is difficult to say is when it will be published because it requires peer review, questions and questions that are asked and answered by the researchers. From there the article is closed and if it is approved, it is published ”.

Regarding the “emergency” approval of the Anmat through a request from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the presidential advisor said: “The information received by the agency was sufficient to be able to advance in this regard in the authorization of emergency use. So have many countries with other vaccines. In this way, more information will be received. But the data that was needed to guarantee the use, arrived “.

morning the vaccination plan is launched throughout the country. It will be simultaneously in all provinces and will be exclusively for health personnel. The first 300,000 doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V who arrived in Argentina on December 25.

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