A judge ruled against the Etchevehere, but then …

“What would these Etchevehere be. They smoke under water. The truth is, they have the cow tied up. They have so attached to Governor Bordet by the balls and so disciplined the justice of Entre Ríos that they achieved something truly implausible: that a judge to revoke his own sentence on the same day he passed it“. The discharge does. Juan Grabois, one of the lawyers who accompanies Dolores Etchevehere in a disparate fight against her three brothers to make use of what is hers: her inheritance.

The reason for the discharge: a week after Dolores Etchevehere presented a precautionary measure requesting equal conditions with respect to her siblings, which would allow her the use of a property of the succession; Martin Furman, the judge in charge, recognized her as a victim of gender-based violence of an economic nature and issued precautionary measures so that Dolores can use one of the estate of the succession in the city of Paraná, bordering her mother’s house.

They go Dolores with his lawyer, a locksmith, a justice officer and the police to open the property. They open it. They hand over possession to Dolores. There she, with her daughter, at home. The court order includes protecting her from any assault. There is the police, there is justice, to protect it. We finished the year better, “Grabois tells the situation.” But no. Not for nothing are the Etchevehere. Whoever governs, they rule. Governors, owners of newspapers, owners of the land, cows, ports … godfathers of justice. Who could. All the artillery arrives. The mother, the children, some adlater in a suit. Screaming, as always. “Whore”, “vaga”, all in front of his daughter. They are bosses, the rich don’t ask permission and they are rich, filthy rich. They know its power. They are unpunished. And there the police lower their heads, yes sir, yes ma’am, yes patroncito. An Etchevehere peels the cell phone. They call the attorney, the governor, the commissioner. With a shout to each, they settled them. “

An hour later, the judge revokes his own measure. They make Dolores and her daughter go out and read her. They kick her out, assault her, use their power to make her invisible. Once again.

What did the precautionary say?

The measures issued by Judge Furman incorporated the gender perspective recommended by the UFEM ruling, citing the National Law for the Protection of Women No. 26,485, recognizing Dolores Etchevehere as a victim of economic violence; they granted her a property of the succession and forced her brothers and her mother to compensate her for the exclusive use that they make of the inheritance. If effective, it would mean a turning point in the probate trial since until now Dolores Etchevehere had not been able to exercise her rights as heir.

“What have my brothers lived on since my father’s death? From my father’s inheritance, from companies, from property income, from the sale of the farm, from black withdrawals from the SA, from the black sale of thousands of head of cattle etc? Why am I the only one who has been in financial trouble since day one? Easy answer. Why I was excluded from all types of administration and contact with the estate”, Dolores Etchevehere rightly expressed in the judicial presentation that led the judge to make the decision to grant his request prior to the tightening of the” corrupt Etchevehere. ”

As they once did with the people of the Artigas Project in the Casa Nueva Ranch, the pressure of the Etchevehere men made the judge decide what is best for them. “They tell us everything: usurpers, violent, thieves … but they are projecting what they are. We do not have the strength to make justice do justice … yet”, concludes Grabois.

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