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A Japanese airline offers food at 460 euros on board a plane on the ground

Airline food is perhaps one of the few things people lack during the pandemic, but a Japanese company saw many customers arrive for a sumptuous meal aboard a plane immobilized at the airport.

Foie gras, crab mousse and wagyu beef fillet were on the menu, on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane, for the modest sum of … 460 euros.

The airline launched its “restaurant with wings” for a single day on Wednesday, but demand was so strong that it hopes to expand its offering.

The restaurant offered first class or business class meals usually served on international flights.

“Passengers” boarded a Boeing 777 at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport with tickets designed to resemble boarding passes.

According to the company, the culinary experience is accompanied by announcements of the crew and meals served without the need to wear seat belts.

The demand was high, despite the prices: 59,800 yen (460 euros) for a first class meal and 29,800 yen (229 euros) for a business class meal.

“The tickets for the restaurant were sold in one day,” a spokeswoman told AFP on Thursday, and the company now anticipates 11 additional dates.

ANA indicated that it could extend the service if restrictions related to the coronavirus are not tightened.

The “restaurant” already respects sanitary measures and only uses 60 spaces on the plane to ensure that customers can maintain a certain distance between them.

ANA, like airlines around the world, was hit hard by travel restrictions related to the pandemic.

In January, the company ANA Holdings announced that in the period April-December 2020, it suffered a net loss of one 2,500 million euros.

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