A hilarious Christmas policeman that Twitter resurrected and became a trend

The owner of the house would not have delayed the answer: “What are you getting into, if you don’t know how to cook even a hard-boiled egg?” “They have me rotten, they make the delicate ones to eat and they are all a starvation sleeve. If it weren’t for my husband they would all be living on a ranch,” they say VM de C. roared.

It was then that both women would have punched and kicked each other, until BC’s mother intervened, clinging to the housewife’s hair and submerging her head in a pot with cleric.

The hostess’s husband reacted then but inadvertently kicked one of the trestles that supported the table, after which the entire Christmas meal ended up on the floor in the middle of a great roar.

An uncle sleeping on a deck chair was awakened by the noise, pulled out a .38 owl revolver and began firing shots into the air, which seemed to momentarily calm the family’s spirits. But immediately neighbors arrived who reproached them for the shots and the brawl spread to the street.

The three families (all in a drunken state, according to the chronicle) got involved in a huge brawl, which just ended at 4 in the morning when the Police appeared and arrested fifteen people.

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