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A Guzmán official will now have a key role in the Central Bank

Diego Bastourre, who until now served as Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Economy, will leave his place and will occupy a position as director of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). In its place will come Mariano Sardi, who will do it accompanied by Fernando Morra, which will replace Haroldo Montagu, at the head of the Secretariat for Economic Policy.

Both Morra and Sardi were already part of Minister Guzmán’s current economic team.

Until now, Morra served as undersecretary of Macroeconomic Programming and was the alternate representative of the Ministry of Economy in the BCRA, while between 2006 and 2019 he held different technical positions in the Ministry of Economy and Banco Provincia

Sardi, for his part, held the position of Undersecretary of Financial Services of the Ministry of Finance until today.

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They will pay 25% annual interest and, under certain criteria, it can go up to 22%. It may be used for the acquisition of capital goods of national production and the construction or adaptation of facilities.

Diego Bastourre had assumed his position in December 2019, and was in charge of the normalization process of the public debt market in pesos, as well as being part of the economic team headed by Minister Martín Guzmán to carry out negotiations with creditors to the restructuring of the external public debt.

As part of this, it carried out the process of restoring the sustainability of public debt in foreign currency, which included the restructuring of public securities for US $ 66,185 million, issued under external law, and US $ 41,433 million, issued under local law. .

For his part, Sardi held the position of Undersecretary of Financial Services of the Ministry of Finance until September 2020, and until September 2020 he was Vice President of the Social Capital Fund (Foncap), the company with state participation dedicated to contributing to the development of the inclusive finance that operates under the orbit of the Ministry of Economy

Morra, meanwhile, had a central role in macroeconomic programming issues, and was the Economy representative at the BCRA, in addition to having an important role in negotiations with the IMF.

He began in public management in 2006, where he worked with Guzmán in the Ministry of Economy at the time of Néstor Kirchner. Then he went to Banco Provincia, and from there he held various positions during the administration of former Governor Daniel Scioli.

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