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A group of hackers has been distributing Trojans on LinkedIn using fake job offers

As reported by the cybersecurity company eSentire, a group known as Golden Chicken has been attacking platform users LinkedIn with Trojan viruses downloaded through fake job offers.

The scam is carried out using the job title that each user puts on their profile. In this way, hackers send a .zip file with the name of the job they supposedly offer and that, when opened, downloads a sophisticated system called more_eggs that hides inside the computer and begins to grant access and information to criminals.

This attack is made known after a massive data leak of more than 500 million LinkedIn accounts, which would make it easier for hackers to distribute tempting Trojans using personalized information for each victim.

The Golden Chicken group seems to be notorious in the world of cybercrime since are dedicated to selling malware which can be modified for different threat schemes. The eSentire report explains that so far it was not possible to determine what they are looking for specifically hackers in this new attack.

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