At just 22 years old and considered one of the best forwards in the world, Kylian Mbappé does not seem to be very happy with the French press

After the 1-0 victory of the French team over Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European qualifiers of the World Cup 2022, the striker unburdened himself in an interview with the radio RTL. The forward hinted that he could leave Paris Saint-Germain in the near future.

“Of course they tire (the criticisms), especially when you play for a club in your country, when you give everything for the national team. It is different for players who work abroad, who only return to France to play for the national team. I’m here all the time, so they talk a lot more. We’ll see what happens. Of course (the critics) play a role, but that’s not all. The most important thing is to feel good wherever you are and have fun every day. ” .

After the forceful statements, Mbappé he also heard what he did not want. In statements to the channel RMC Sport, where he works as a commentator, Jean-Michel Larque, former player of the Paris Saint Germain, detonated against the forward and made harsh criticisms of the French star.

“I don’t care about Mbappé’s mood at the end of the game, what interests me is the game itself. I don’t care if you don’t mind being criticized. It doesn’t bother you when they routinely call you ‘freak’. What is it like that a player who plays outside of France is less criticized than one who plays for a French club? (Mbappé also included this complaint in his statements) ”.

“The criticism comes after two very mediocre games and I do not take into account the game against Kazakhstan, where a penalty fails. And can’t journalists say that Mbappé is not doing well at the moment in the French team? That is the truth Let him do what he wants, but if Mr. Mbappé is not happy when we tell him that he has not done well in two games, let him change his job, “concluded the now commentator.