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A femicide within hours of starting 2021 | Occurred …

Graciela Flores, 44, died this Friday after being stabbed by her partner Mario Valverdi who later tried to commit suicide. It happened in the University neighborhood, in the northern part of the city of Salta.

The prosecutor Ana Inés Salinas Odorisio, is in charge of the investigation of femicide. The victim She was injured on the public highway with a knife in the thoracic area and her attacker tried to kill himself by setting himself on fire. Both went transferred in code red to the San Bernardo hospital for assistance.

During the first hours of this Friday, the woman died and it was announced that her attacker has a reserved prognosis for air burns.

A friend of the victim said that she was a psychopedagogue and had managed to receive herself with great effort. He held that She worked in a precarious way in the Ministry of Social Development and as a domestic worker. He had 4 children, the youngest being 12 years old. He also related that Flores suffered psychological violence and that he was the one who cared about working and getting ahead. “He was a great example of resilience, he constantly reinvented himself. He was the support of his children and nephews. This is unfair,” he said.

A nephew of the woman, through a post on Facebook, reported that Flores as a girl had to work and did so selling buns, At 34 he had resumed his studies and finished high school, then he did psychopedagogy and was received at 42 years old.

Feminist organizations wrote a statement. “We feel anger mixed with pain at the news of the first femicide in Salta so far this 2021. We are fed up with the fact that the lives of our colleagues are taken from us. We also know about the daily lives of colleagues who like her, go out day by day, and they come to their guards anyway, because they earn a miserable salary, “they said. They pointed out Flores’ job insecurity and that the family does not have burial insurance or life insurance.

“That the femicide of our women does not become a common landscape for us and that the precariousness of work does not become a habit for us,” said the organizations.

They signed the GEMA Foundation statement; Gender and Diversity Space of Ate Salta; DIVERSITY ATE SALTA; Network of teachers for the right to decide; Foundation Between Women; KOLINA Feminist group; Campaign for the National Emergency in Violence against Salta women; Genres and Dissidents of New Encounter; Trans Argentina Women; Bad Board Jump; RNR Sexual Rights Counseling; The Forces of Women; The Macachas; Red PAR and the Collective of Feminist Communicators of Salta.

7 out of 10 life-threatening victims

The Undersecretary of Women of the municipality of Salta, Gabriela Gaspar, reported that within the framework of Protection Program for Victims of Family Violence, at least 2224 comprehensive interventions, that is, an approach with psychologists, social workers and lawyers, who were activated through an emergency telephone line.

“Seven out of ten victims are in a high risk situation, which implies risk of life”, indicated Gaspar and explained that, once they are cared for, many of the women receive permanent follow-up with more than one intervention. In addition, it contains relatives, daughters and sons.

“In August we exceeded the number of attendance compared to 2019. The context of the pandemic deepened the problem and attendance increased. In addition, new accompaniment channels were implemented, in order to be able to attend despite the isolation ”, said Gaspar.

These communication channels are 24 hours a day providing assistance, advice and support.

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