A femicide stabbed his former partner to death and then set himself on fire | Chronicle

A man stabbed to death to its ex partner on public roads and later attempted suicide by setting himself on fire, in a neighborhood in the north of the capital of Salta, police and judicial sources reported this Saturday.

The event was recorded in the last hours of Thursday, December 31, in the University neighborhood, in the north of Salta, where the woman, identified as Graciela Flores (43) was attacked by her former partner, Mario Balverdi (47).

Police and judicial sources reported that the woman, a mother of four children, suffered wounds with a knife in the chest area and in one of his arms, for which she was rushed to the San Bernardo hospital, where she underwent surgery on Friday but, despite the efforts of medical professionals, she died.

After the attack , Balverdi doused himself with alcohol and tried to kill himself by setting himself on fire, and was also transferred in code red to the San Bernardo hospital, to receive the corresponding assistance.

There, the attacker was hospitalized, with a reserved prognosis and burns in the respiratory tract.

Criminal Prosecutor 1 of the Unit for Serious Attacks against Persons on duty, Ana Inés Salinas Odorisio, took part in the event and investigates the circumstances in which it happened.

The spokespersons detailed that, for this, the judicial official ordered compliance with a series of rigorous measures.

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