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a crucifix saved a baby from a fatal shot

A true miracle occurred in Tucumán moments before the New Year: a nine-year-old boy was hit by a bullet lost in the middle of the chest, but a crucifix that hung around his neck contained the impact and saved his life.

The incredible event occurred on December 31, just a couple of hours before the arrival of 2021, in the town of Las Talitas, in the province of Tucumán. On December 31, the little boy, named Tiziano, was the victim of a stray bullet in circumstances that the Police are investigating. The bullet went straight to the chest, a deadly place. However, the crucifix that the boy was wearing around his neck prevented the projectile from entering his body and the minor only suffered a superficial wound.

According to the Police, the boy went to the Hospital del Niño Jesús, in San Miguel de Tucumán, at 10 p.m. on the last day of 2020 accompanied by his father, named David and 36 years old. In the report, they certified that the child had a superficial wound to the chest caused by a firearm. After 48 minutes in which he was examined by the doctors on duty and in which simple cures were performed, the baby was discharged and returned home to be with his family in the midnight toast, in good condition of health.

Tiziano’s relatives sent the Telefé journalist, José Romero Silva, the photos that would attest to what happened before the beginning of 2021. In the images, you can see the metal cross that, by divine work or chance, prevented the tragedy. “New Year’s miracle: minutes before 00:00, a stray bullet hit a child in the chest in Las Talitas. But the impact was on a crucifix that the minor was wearing,” the chronicler wrote on his Twitter account. From the health center they ratified what the Police said, which was notified by the doctors as soon as they warned that the emergency had occurred due to the use of a firearm. “It was not discovered in the medical act, the family was the one who told about the crucifix,” they clarified.

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