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A 3-year-old boy is shot dead in La Matanza in a revenge against a relative

Mom Melina, Dad Hugo, Grandma Josefa and several other relatives were there, but the fatal bullet hit the youngest boy’s chest. Benjamín Iñigo was 3 years old and murdered in his house Rafael Castillo when two criminals wanted settle the shots an old dispute with the baby’s uncle.

The tragedy occurred this Saturday, minutes before midnight, when, at least, two armed suspects they got out of a stolen gray Ford Focus on the corner of Larraya and Colegiales, in the La Matanza district, to steal the cell phone from a neighbor who was in a kiosk on his motorcycle, as published Primer Plano On line.

It was while taking away the neighbor’s cell phone that the criminals saw Benjamin’s uncle, Cristian Iñigo (20), who was on the sidewalk of his house, just a few meters from the corner. “Among them there was an old neighborhood dispute that had taken force on December 24 at night “, indicated judicial sources consulted by Clarion.

The murderers saw the opportunity and did not hesitate: they shot Iñigo. Benjamin’s uncle was unhurt from the attack, but one of the shots killed the baby and another injured grandmother paternal of the little boy, Josefa Gregoria Monserrat (61).

Benjamín Iñigo was 3 years old.  Photo: Facebook

Benjamín Iñigo was 3 years old. Photo: Facebook

Desperate, the relatives took Benjamin, very badly injured, to the Figueroa Paredes Salud clinic in Laferrere, where the little boy “enter without vital signs and, after several resuscitation maneuvers, they are unable to revive him, “the sources explained.

Benjamin’s grandmother, with a fire wound to one of her legs, is out of danger, they added.

According to the testimony that the boy’s uncle gave to the Police, he knew the killers. He said that on December 24 in the afternoon “they had passed by on a motorcycle and gun in hand,” with a third young man whom he could not identify, on the block from his house, when he was with a group of neighbors.

After some mutual insults and, always based on the sayings of Cristian Iñigo, the three of the motorcycle were shooting into the air and shouting that “that was not going to stay that way and that they would return for revenge”, Reported the sources.

Larraya at 4900, in Rafael Castillo, where they murdered a 3-year-old boy.

Larraya at 4900, in Rafael Castillo, where they murdered a 3-year-old boy.

The revenge took place just a few minutes before Sunday and the victim was an innocent. “The neighborhood row was prior to the attack and the crossing of December 24, which was more concrete. It is premature to talk about gang fights, but the shots were for the uncle and, unfortunately, they hit the minor and his grandmother,” they detailed the sources.

March and search

3 years old a whole life ahead … Your departure hurts so much my love … Justice for Benja !!“wrote Laura Iñigo on Facebook, along with the announcement of a March That will be done this afternoon, from 5:00 p.m., in the block where the baby was killed.

In that same social network, Benjamin’s relatives they posted photos of the alleged murderers of the little boy: both are identified and had stolen the gray Ford Focus about 12 blocks from the crime scene, at the intersection of Ortega and Besares, Laferrere, along with two other accomplices and when they were driving a gray Fiat Uno.

According to sources, one of Benjamin’s killers I would be 16 years old and he was apprehended on December 18 when he was aboard a stolen car in Laferrere and wanted to escape from the Police: after being at the disposal of the UFI of the young man from La Matanza, he was referred to the San Martín Youth Accommodation Center.

But that is not the only antecedent of the boy: last October 20, he was apprehended by aggravated robbery for the use of weapons in the town and in a gang for three events and referred to the center of the Joven de Abasto de La Plata.

Now, the cause, titled “homicide“, is investigated by the prosecutor Federico Medone of the UFI Thematic Homicide of La Matanza. This afternoon raids were made in the area to find the murderers of the little boy.


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