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A 20-peso bill released in 1914 could be worth 2,500; look how it is

An old 20 peso bill could currently have a commercial value of 2,500according to some e-commerce sites.

  • It is a banknote dating from the Mexican Revolution.
This ticket could reach a value of 2,500 pesos. | Photo: Screenshot Mercado Libre

According to information from a recognized internet sales site, The banknote dates from the period of the Mexican Revolution, was released in 1914 and belongs to the D series.

On the obverse you can see an eagle devouring a snake and on the reverse you can read the following inscription:

“This ticket will circulate in accordance with the decree of September 19, 1911.”

It is a banknote dating from the Mexican Revolution. | Photo: Screenshot Mercado Libre

Don’t be fooled: these 100 and 1000 bills are still valid

That they do not tell you and that they do not tell youThere are many 100 and 1000 peso bills in circulation that, although perhaps they are not very common to find, they must be accepted in any purchase or transaction that you are going to make; in UnoTV we tell you what they are.

Although recently the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) presented a new 100 peso bill, in which the image of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz can be seen, there are others in circulation with various characters.

For example, those with the image of Nezahualcóyotl, which correspond to families D, D1 and F as well as others from family F, commemorating the Mexican Revolution and the Constitution of 1917. Some are still printed on paper and others on polymer.

Both these, as well as the new one of 100 pesos in which Sor Juana Inés, from the G family appears, must be accepted as a form of payment.

Also those of 1000 pesos are still valid

Likewise, 1000 peso bills with the images of Miguel Hidalgo, corresponding to Family D1 and F, printed on paper money must continue to be accepted in commercial establishments.

The same happens with the one presented in recent months at the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE). This one is carried out by the characters Hermila Galindo, Francisco I Madero and Carmen Serdán, who played a very important role in the Mexican Revolution.

At new thousand peso bill the color gray predominates and is printed on cotton substrate. In addition to the effigies of historical figures, the obverse shows the locomotive, as a symbol of one of the transports used in the Revolution.

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