94-year-old dials emergency number because he is lonely at Christmas

“I am not missing anything, just one person with whom I can toast Christmas”: Malavolti Fiorenzo (center) and the two Carabinieri who briefly fulfilled his Christmas wish.
Image: dpa

A 94-year-old man in Italy dialed the emergency number for Christmas because he was lonely and wanted to toast the party with someone. Two officers helped him.

WITHIn an unusual mission, Carabinieri were called on Christmas Day in Vergato near Bologna. “Hello, I’m at home alone, I am not missing anything, just a physical person with whom I can toast Christmas,” said 94-year-old Fiorenzo Malavotti, according to a report in the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera”. “If you had an officer available to visit me for ten minutes? I’m just alone, ”said the man.

No sooner said than done: the Carabinieri asked for the address and sent two officers. They, so the “Corriere” further, found Mr. Malavotti doing well and “visibly excited” about the visit. As a photo shows, they toasted Christmas together. Malavotti shared a few anecdotes about World War II.

After the short chat, the Carabinieri organized a video call with the husband’s relatives on their cell phones. The Italian government had imposed an extensive curfew over the holidays, which is why many relatives could not visit each other at Christmas.

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