90-year-old granny is beaten and abandoned on the street by her relatives

ECATEPEC, State of Mexico

Doña Maura, 90 years old, was abandoned in the streets of Ecatepec by her relatives, she showed signs of violence.

According to the first reports, Maura said that a few days ago she was brought from Oaxaca by relatives, who took her to live with her brother in the Tablas del Pozo neighborhood, in Ecatepec, on the pretext that there were cases of covid-19 infections in the environment in which he lived.

However, when he arrived in Ecatepec, he was given the news that his brother had died and he was left with his nephews, who lived at the same address.

She added that at first they had allowed her to stay in the place, but the afternoon in which she was rescued, they took her out to the sidewalk hours before supposedly to “sunbathe” and simply they no longer let her in.

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Upon realizing the woman’s presence on the public highway, residents of the area approached to try to help her and gave her some clothes and food, although the main concern was to ensure a place to spend the night.

The Oaxacan woman in her 90s was rescued by the Ecatepec government and taken to the municipal shelter for the elderly “Casa Amor”.

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Public Security elements of quadrant 32, protected the elderly woman and requested support from the Unit for Attention to Victims of Violence, whose members coordinated work with the DIF of Ecatepec to rescue the woman and take her to a safe place.

Once in the custody of the Ecatepec government, the woman was transferred to the Women’s Justice Center, where she presented her statement to the Public Ministry and it was proven that she had nowhere to go so that she could enter the municipal shelter.

The medical examiner of said Public Ministry agency determined that the woman had multiple injuries to her body, apparently caused by her relatives. When questioned about this, the grandmother accepted that she suffered abuse, as she was attacked on several occasions, to the extent of receiving blows and having food thrown at her.

For now, Maura will stay at the “Casa Amor” Shelter for Adults in Orphans, of the DIF of Ecatepec, while the search is made for support networks that could help determine if she has more family members. In the same way, an investigation folder was opened against whoever is responsible for the crime of abandonment of incapacity, illegal that in case of being verified is punished with jail.

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