9 out of 10 deputies seek reelection; they will continue to collect and legislate in the campaign

Nine out of 10 deputies They will do double duty: they will be legislators and in turn candidates during the electoral process, in which they will continue to receive public resources without having to verify the OTHER that are not used for proselytism.

Thanks to the first reelection exercise in the Legislative power, 448 deputies They seek to remain in their seats for three more years, and due to the steps taken by the political parties within the electoral bodies, they will be able to continue collecting their salaries and benefits, while they participate in the elections.

7 INE councilors voted in favor

On December 8, when the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved these guidelines, four councilors and their president, Lorenzo Córdova, were in favor of the deputies They will resign from their position in order to appear on this year’s ballot.

“It is rare, to say the least, that it is legislating and campaigning at the same time. There would be a legislator in the gallery with a banner behind saying ‘vote for me, re-elect me’ ”, admonished the counselor Carla Humphrey.

However, the doublet was approved, because seven other directors voted in favor, arguing that, according to the internal regulations of the Chamber of Deputies, there would be an imbalance in thes voting because only 25 percent of legislators can be granted simultaneous licenses, and this time, if licenses were granted to all interested parties, only 52 people would legislate the country.

Monday, January 4, 448 deputies they delivered the letter of intent to be reelected, which represents 89.6 percent of the total of the Chamber of Deputies.

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