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9 hours included – twin boys (20 months) die in heat SUVs

Heat tragedy in the USA!

Two 20-month-old brothers were found dead in a car in Blythewood, a suburb of Columbia, South Carolina. As the investigating authorities suspect, they died a cruel heat death: They are said to have been trapped in the car for more than nine hours.

One of the two parents found the twins only early Wednesday evening in the SUV that was parked in the parking lot of a daycare center.

Forensic doctor Nadia Rutherford said at a press conference that Bryson and Brayden McDaniel had apparently been in the car since that morning – with outside temperatures of around 27 degrees. The SUV is a family member’s vehicle that has been driven by one of the parents.

And: The car shouldn’t have been standing in the car park of the daycare center all day.

Further investigations in the coming weeks should now rule out other possible causes of death. Rutherford added that the two toddlers were registered in the daycare center. “The parents are completely upset.”

Given the evidence they have, they do not believe that daycare workers “were in any way involved,” the coroner went on in the deaths of Bryson and Brayden McDaniel.

Further details were initially not disclosed. Rutherford explained, “We can’t yet comment on why the children were left in the car for so long. If it was a very tragic accident, we pray that her family will find peace. But if it is a crime, we will try to bring justice to these babies ”

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