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700 people evacuated after landslide

In the early morning, the houses in the Norwegian town of Ask began to move: a landslide shortly afterwards tore them with it. There are several injured, and a number of residents are still missing.

At least ten people were injured in a night landslide in Norway. The accident occurred in the village of Ask in Gjerdrum municipality, about 40 kilometers northeast of Oslo. Several houses had been torn away, the police said on Twitter. Rescue workers, supported by civil defense and the army, are about to evacuate the area.

According to the Norwegian television broadcaster NRK, up to 700 residents were brought to safety. Of the ten injured, one was seriously injured. Operations manager Roger Pettersen told NRK that residents of Gjerdrum had dialed the emergency number and described that their whole house was moving. The situation is serious. More houses could crash.

Landslide in the middle of the residential area: Several houses were swept away.  (Source: Reuters / Fredrik Hagen / NTB)Landslide in the middle of the residential area: Several houses were swept away. (Source: Fredrik Hagen / NTB / Reuters)

21 residents are currently still missing. The missing lived in the affected area, but they could also have been outside at the time of the landslide, said Pettersen. At least 14 houses are affected by the landslide, writes NRK.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg expressed her condolences to those affected. “It hurts to see how the forces of nature have devastated Gjerdrum,” said the Prime Minister.

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