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7 Japanese flowers that will make you fall in love more with their culture (+ their meaning)

Undoubtedly, the land of the rising sun Not only fall in love with the beauty of its natural landscapes, but also for its culture, tradition, gastronomy, as well as their extraordinary temples and shrines what they attract millions of tourists every year. Imagine walking through its streets in broad daylight and delight your pupils with any of these 7 Japanese flowers that will make you fall in love more with their culture (+ their meaning)

What is the most popular flower in Japan?

Japan has a great diversity of beautiful flowers, but certainly one of the More popular is he Japanese cherry or sakura, which full of aroma all the spring from the beginning of March and April, their months of flowering. His beauty are amazing, that every year the japanese celebrate the “Hanami”, a a holiday known for observing the cherry blossoms.

Could climate change affect this beautiful tradition? You may never have considered it, but according to a published study for him Royal Meteorological Society, the climate change has also affected the cherry blossom, because in recent years it has been advanced 5.5 days on average to the planned date, according to the scientists, this is mainly due to the warmer temperatures between February and March.

No doubt flowers are an essential part of Japanese culture, so much, that they have enchanting and sacred meanings. If you want to learn a little more about them, here I share you 7 Japanese flowers that will make you fall in love more with their culture (+ their meaning).

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What meaning do Japanese flowers have?

Momo: peach blossom

The peach blossom or peach blossom, as it is also known, is one of the most widely used edible Japanese flowers for the elaboration and decoration of various dishes, it has bright pink flowers, which are seen in mid-April.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Fascinating personality.”

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Tsubaki: camellia

Surely this beautiful flower reminds you of kimonos, since it is common to find it among its prints or in many of the postcards with spring landscapes. Camellias are shrubs native to Asia, characteristic for having glossy dark green leaves, accompanied by beautiful pink, red or white flowers that are born with the arrival of the spring, it can reach a height of one to six meters.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Perfect love, humility and discretion.”

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Kiku: crisantemo

Is a traditional flower, but it was imported from china hundreds of years ago, for japanese, it is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, both for their beautiful colors, shape and aroma. In addition, it is part of the Japanese Chrysanthemum Festival “Choyo no Sekku”, which is celebrated with the entry of autumn.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Noble person or purity.”

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Ume: Japanese apricot

The ume flowers they are not only beautiful and full of romance, they also have a delicious sweet fragrance. This beautiful flower has dark pink buds that fade to a paler color to indicate that they have matured, well its flowers are edible.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Pure heart, elegance and fidelity”.

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Sakura: Japanese cherry

The japanese cherry blossoms are the national image of japan, are characterized by their light pink and white color, which tend to bloom on a single branch.

It is common to find this flower in one of the main celebrations, the “Ohanami”, what represents the arrival of spring, in fact, with the cherry blossom Japanese people usually get together to enjoy the day with their family or friends to contemplate its beauty.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Beauty of the heart and success”.

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Shibazakura: flor del musgo

This flower is typical of japanese gardens for their striking colors between pink, magenta and white. In addition, it has a delicious scent and although it is not a natural flower from Japan, little by little it has been gaining a privileged place in its gardens.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “moss rose”.

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Kinmokusei: Osmanthus de flor naranja

It’s about a native tree of Asia, which can reach a height of 3 to 12 meters, its flower is very small, but whose petals they are very thick with a very striking orange hue and owns a delicious fragrance.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Noble person”.

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Kosumosu: flower of the cosmos

The flower known as cosmos It is beautiful, it reaches a maximum height of one meter and we can find it in pink, purple or white hues to brighten the japanese gardens early fall.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is: “Japanese maiden heart”.

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Now that you know which are some of the most representative flowers of Japan, what are you waiting to learn more about its culture, I am sure that you will end up falling in love with it.

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