A holy weekend in quarantine. The new sanitary measures announced by the Government for our country will force many people to stay at home in order not to continue spreading the dramatic numbers of infections and deaths from Coid-19.

In order to pass the time, car fans can look for alternatives in the options offered by Netflix, a streaming platform that has in its catalog dozens of films and documentaries related to the nut world or in which the story has as a relevant actor the cars.

Here is a small list of more unknown Netflix movies and fiction series, which complement the documentaries that can also be enjoyed from the comfort of home (5 car documentaries to watch on Netflix from home)

Formula 1: Drive To Survive (Season 3)

Netflix Original Series / 2021 / United States

Although it is part of the documentary category, it is worth integrating this list as it is the last series to be released. The third season of Drive to Surive tells the details of the last year of Formula 1, beginning with the complex start of the season in Australia, where they began to report the first infections in the Great Circus. With 10 chapters, it is one of the must-see works these days for motorsport lovers.

In the Boxes

Netflix Original Series / 2021 / United States

Comedy starring Kevin (Kevin James) the crew chief of NASCAR driver Bobby Spencer, who must face a series of adjustments when the team owner (Bruce McGill) decides to hand over his company to his daughter Catherine (Jillian Mueller), who will look for modernize it all with tech-savvy “millennials,” including the departure of driver Jake Martin (Freddie Stroma) by up-and-coming runner Jessie (Paris Berelc), as that will delight new sponsors.

With a somewhat familiar humor across generations, this is a series that seeks to enchant with good acting and a racing-focused atmosphere that serves as the context for the story. From regulating up.

4 Cans

Director: Gerardo Olivares / 2019 / Spain

Spanish comedy that takes aspects of a road movie. The story is about Tocho (Hovik Keuchkerian), an alcoholic who is looking for his old French friend Jean Pierre (Jean Reno) whom he asks to accompany him on a trip from Spain to Mali to find a mutual friend who is ill. Together they meet Ely (Susana Abaitua), the daughter of their sick friend and so the three of them start a trip in a Renault 4 experiencing a series of setbacks to get to say goodbye to their friend. Jean Reno’s performance is always worth it.

Borning: Asphalt on Fire

Director: Hallvard Braein / 2020 / Norway

Third installment of this Norwegian action saga. On this occasion, Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) before marrying Romy (Ruby O. Fee) suffers a mishap and to be able to stay with his girlfriend he must accept a challenge on the mythical Nürburgring circuit. A film that shows cute sports cars, but which suffered merciless criticism for its artistic quality.

Go Karts

Director: Owen Trevor / 2020 / USA

Jack Hooper (William Lodder) is a teenager who loves car racing and his father has taught him everything he knows about driving. And when he arrives in a new city with his mother (Frances O’Connor) he discovers high-speed karts.

With his new friends (Darius Amarfio Jefferson and Anastasia Bampos) and Patrick (Richard Roxburgh), a former driver who owns the kart track, Jack will attempt to win the National Go Kart Championship. A light bet, aimed at a young audience, for a quiet afternoon in front of the television.

At the wheel

Director: Tarun Mansukhani / 2019 / India

A notorious thief teams up with a car broker in a grand robbery, involving an elaborate deception scheme to steal dirty money from a corrupt government.

A Bollywood film, which tries to catch with chases and powerful cars, but which fails to convince with the story, less with the sensual use of the image of women as an accompaniment element.

Lost bullet

Director: Guillaume Pierret / 2019 / United States

A film that goes beyond simple chases, in fact, some dare to call it “fast and furious in the French”, but the truth is that they have no point of comparison.

In this first feature film by Guillaume Pierret, the story of Lino (Alban Lenoir, a skilled mechanic from Marseille, who participates in a robbery that goes wrong is shown. He is caught by the police and to avoid prison he must make a deal with the police.

Although Lino accepts the proposal, he is later accused of a murder that he has not committed and the only way to prove his innocence is by finding the lost bullet that proves it.

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