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550 VINES DESTROYED – red wine thriller in the Palatinate

A viciously destroyed vine hits this winemaker like a stab in the heart.

Frank Meyer (60) was totally shocked when he discovered that someone had immediately destroyed 550 of his vines. “That was a perfidious attack,” says Meyer, shaken, who grows Riesling and Burgundy wines on 12 hectares on his monastery winery Gleiszellen in the Palatinate: “300 vines were cut, 250 more were sprayed with weed killers.”

For him, a targeted attack on his person: “The first row on the country road remained standing, behind it the sticks were cut off, 20 cm above the ground, probably with electric pruning shears,” believes Meyer: “The perpetrator must have been driving for an hour, also had a professional syringe. “

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Who could have done that – the winemaker can’t even guess: “Sure, you sometimes have arguments with people, but envy can just as easily be the motive.” What in the case of the successful winemaker (e.g. winner of the internationally important “Frankfurt Trophy ”) seems most likely.

“With us people from the agricultural sector, only those who, for example, get something broken. B. have the most beautiful herd or planting, ”says the vintner angrily. Why the loss of the planting hits him particularly bitterly: The vines were a test planting on 1000 square meters with Cabernet Franc, as it actually only grows in southern France, in order to react to climate change.

Which is why the vineyard was designed in a particularly beautiful and eye-catching way: “The soil was completely greened, the vines perfectly trimmed,” says Meyer: “We thinned the grapes by 70 percent, which makes the rest larger.”

That could have come across someone who is not so successful even with normal varieties, Meyer believes: “You would have worn it for the first time in the fourth year and brought around 500 liters of wine – with the best quality! 700 bottles that we would have sold for around 19 euros each. “

The winemaker estimates the damage at around 15,000 euros. Reiner Steigner (53), spokesman for the Bad Bergzabern police: “We are investigating in all directions. Hope for witnesses who may have seen the perpetrators. “

Meyer is now paying even more attention to his second trial planting – with red Veltliner: “This is a 4000 year old grape variety – I planted just as laboriously as Cabernet. I now look more often to the right thing, and I am also supported by young winemakers from the region who are looking for the perpetrators via social media. “

German wine is drunk all over the world

Around 9.25 million hectoliters of wine are harvested in Germany per year – and it is in demand all over the world. A particularly large amount is exported to the USA, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The largest cultivation area is Rheinhessen with 26,500 hectares, followed by the Palatinate (23,000 hectares) and Baden (15,800 hectares). In Baden, Pinot Noir is the most important grape variety.

Around two thirds of the wines produced in Germany are white wines. The flagship of our white wine is the Riesling. Especially in southern Baden-Württemberg, the conditions with the central European climate are perfect for a good Riesling.

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