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52 Pilot whales – Again bloody whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands

You did it again. You are still thirsty for blood. Whales have been slaughtered again on the Faroe Islands (part of Denmark).

Just ten days after the brutal massacre of 1,428 white-sided dolphins, another 52 pilot whales have now been killed.

“We call for urgent action from the EU, Denmark and the UK to prevent Europe’s Faroe Islands from devastating protected populations of dolphins and small whales. This hideous cruelty and the unsustainable slaughter must stop now, “says John Hourston of the” Blue Planet Society “to BILD.

The pictures shake the world. 1428 dolphins were slaughtered in the Faroe Islands in early September. Many died from knives and harpoons, others were seriously injured by the screws of the motor boats that passed over them. In the end they were lying side by side bleeding to death on the coast of Skålefjord.

Animal welfare organizations are shocked: The brutality of this renewed hunt is an additional provocation.

“Terrible! Denmark must be held responsible. It cannot be that species that are strictly protected within the EU and the efforts to preserve them are being so undermined ”, Nicolas Entrup, Co-Director for International Cooperation at OceanCare, told BILD.

“It is completely incomprehensible to us why, after the worldwide outcry a few days ago, the hunt for marine mammals was resumed. We think it’s because some whalers are reluctant to think that the whale hunt must stop and not bow to the pressure. But the whole world now knows that there is no pretext such as ‘self-sufficiency’ for this bloody hunt for peaceful marine mammals, but rather the desire to kill, ”says biologist Dr. Tanja Breining from PETA opposite BILD.

After the brutal dolphin hunt a few days ago on the Faroe Islands with more than 1,400 animals killed, the government actually wants to put the practice to the test.

Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen announced a few days ago that the hunting situation was exceptional because of the large size of the cornered dolphin school. “We take this matter very seriously.”

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