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500,000 euros! – Kiosk owner steals pensioner scratch card profit

Unbelievable how much audacity and stupidity can trigger greed …

A 70-year-old lady in Naples (Italy) won € 500,000 with a scratch card. Apparently, however, she was so surprised that she went to the kiosk where she bought the ticket to ask whether it was correct.

An employee showed the lot to his boss Gaetano Scutellaro – whereupon all of his fuses burned at the sight of this sum. He grabbed the lucky ticket, jumped on his scooter, and sped away.

Now begins a story full of crazy lies!

On the way to the Fiumicino airport in Rome, from which he wanted to leave for Fuerteventura, he opened an account to deposit the ticket.Corriere della Sera“. An Italian newspaper tracks down the fraudster and interviews him. The kiosk owner claims that the elderly lady wanted to cheat on him and he reported her because of it. That a friend had bought the ticket for him – and he would have asked the lady to pick up the prize. That he thought it was only 500 instead of 500,000 euros. That the kiosk doesn’t even belong to him. And so forth …

But as creative as he was with his statements – the police at the airport didn’t believe him and arrested him. More than questionable whether he can get away with his weird story with a judge …

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