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500 kilos of charred human bones – The extermination centers of the drug cartels in Mexico

That is how bestial the war of the Mexican drug cartels is.

There are at least nine places in Mexico where organized crime groups have burned the bodies of their victims in large quantities. At a location in the northeast of the country, near the US border and the Atlantic coast, more than 500 kilograms of charred human bones have been found since 2017.

This is what the Mexican State Commissioner for the Search for Missing Persons, Karla Quintana, said on the radio show Aristegui Noticias. And she explained: However, only a small part of the place known as La Bartolina had been searched.

The other eight so-called extermination centers have also been discovered in northern Mexico in four different states over the past few years. These were also used to burn corpses, said Quintana. It is estimated that most of the victims died between 2009 and 2012.

In Mexico, where around 126 million people live, the latest figures show that an average of almost 100 murders a day are recorded – in Germany there were 245 in the entire past year.

In addition, more than 89,500 people are considered to have disappeared in the North American country. The remains of tens of thousands of people who have not yet been identified lie in morgues.

Violence in Mexico has exploded since the state began militarily fighting the so-called drug war in late 2006. Today there are numerous powerful drug cartels and other criminal groups, often linked to corrupt politicians and security forces. Most of the crimes are never resolved.

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