5-year-old boy dies after being shot in a local in the Tepito neighborhood

A child 5-year-old identified as José Roberto “N” died after get shot in the left eye; the terrible accident occurred in the Morelos neighborhood of the brave neighborhood of Tepito.

According to the first reports, at the time of the events the child was playing in the company of other minors inside the premises 9 of the Plaza Bartolomé.

The mother of José Roberto “N”, a 28-year-old woman identified as Iris “N” who worked as a tennis and shoe salesperson worked there.

He child He accompanied her daily to the establishment, as he could not stay at home because he did not have someone to take care of him. In addition, due to the current situation of the pandemic, Mexico City does not have childcare facilities available.

This is how little José Roberto “N” lost his life

According to the first statements, Iris “N” was performing her duties at the local Tepito while her 5-year-old son played with other children.

The minors had a loaded firearm, although until now the owner is unknown and it is not known where they got it or who gave it to them.

From one moment to another José Roberto “N” He manipulated the gun and triggered it in front of his face, so a bullet came out and hit directly in his left eye. Hearing the roar, Iris “N” ran to see what happened. That’s when he discovered his son on the ground, in the middle of a pool of blood.

The mother asked for help from her boyfriend, Kevin “N”, who also works at the tennis club in Tepito. Both went immediately to the Balbuena hospital, but the minor died while the doctors were treating him.

So far the mother of José Roberto “N” is detained in the ministerial agency, while the first responsibilities for the regrettable death.

With information from El Universal

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