There are shoes that constitute an unmistakable source of inspiration, that are capable in the blink of an eye of orchestrating outfits distinctive from a remarkably brash, sophisticated, romantic or evocative character. But there is also another aspect that has gained notoriety in recent times, and it is precisely that of those sandals or shoes that are not governed by the aesthetic codes of yesteryear, at the same time that they have proposed to break any preconception associated with ‘ugliness’.

Beyond the stakes of the season spring-summer 2021 Showing themselves as the perfect replacement for timeless garments, there is a wide repertoire of ugly shoes trends, also known as ugly shoes, which have been a constant during the summer presentations last September. From Milan, passing through the French capital and the street style Copenhagen, we refer to the ugly shoes on trend that will raze for months to come.

Velcro sandals

Since that breakthrough alliance between Balenciaga and Vibram that announced a collaboration of ugly shoes at the end of October, passing through the dad shoes proposed by firms such as Jason Wu and the velcro sandals who have walked through the Boss spring-summer 2021 collection, there is no doubt that the designs of ugly shoes They will fight intensely to become the absolute protagonists of styles exceeding versatility and comfort.

And as regards velcro sandals, the styles seem to be impregnated by ornamentation of contrasts, such as pearls, small logomania appliques, bows and a two-tone color palette, thus emerging, according to the signatures and style prescribers, in the ideal companion of looks made up of midi dresses, straight jeans in a medium light blue hue and printed blouses, as well as a style built from shorts, top and an oversize shirt.


At the end of the winter months we anticipated you in Vogue about the return of the flatforms, that representative footwear of the nineties that this season has introduced an overwhelming amazement in the spring-summer 2021 collection of the Italian house Altuzarra, either merging perfectly with draped midi dresses, tailored suit in a unison shade and also pieces characterized by symmetry. And beyond the Milan catwalk, they have also been seen in the summer show by Ulla Johnson, Erdem and Issey Miyake… What do you say?

Ugly high-heeled shoes

Although among the idiosyncrasies of velcro sandals and the designs thong the impetus of flat or moderate-heeled shoes prevails, there has also been a place for a format with a heel in the summer collection of the House French Chloé. So, sticking to a range made up of brown, green, blue and burgundy with a purplish tint, the firm with Parisian roots has catapulted the perfect zapato ugly that will be in charge of raising all looks summer.


The clogs head the ugly trends of the spring-summer 2021 season according to recognized international firms such as the House Hermès and Stella McCartney, and they have also been present in the outfits of celebrities such as Mindy Kaling or a host of prescribers who have incorporated them into their outfits in a more restrained version or in designs characterized by the impetuous heel, and in a chromatic experimentation that is torn between neutrals, black and white.

Mary-Jane ugly

In addition to a multitude of dancers and rain boots for the summer months, the presentation of the House French Celine has left us a format that is halfway between the ‘ugliness’ and the Mary-Jane style. With jeans, dresses with a romantic impetus or blouse with a vintage aesthetic skirt, they will be your favorites if you are looking for comfort at its peak.

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