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5 tricks to take care of long hair and show off a healthy and beautiful mane

Long hair is fashionable, but many of us think that the only way to maintain it is to have to cut it regularly. This is not necessary. If you follow our advice you will be able to wear a healthy and beautiful mane.

The problem with very long hair is that frizz, dullness and split ends generally begin to appear.

It can also be affected by abuse, wear and tear, and sun exposure. But it is possible to find a compatibility between length and care.

5 tricks to take care of long hair and show off a healthy mane

1.- Comb your hair every day

When you have long hair, it is essential that you style it every day. This way you will prevent it from getting tangled up and out of control. If your hair is smooth, you can use any brush as long as you do it gently.

Separate bristle or wooden combs are recommended for curly hair

2.- Use vitamins

Hair deserves a large amount of nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E and of course folic acid. . These can be found in products like shampoos and conditioners.

It is also important to have a diet rich in these components or to buy vitamin supplements. that you can find in pharmacies, beauty centers and health food stores.

3.- Be careful with the tips

As we explained to you, cutting ends can be a way to always maintain healthy hair. Nevertheless, you can prevent these from opening if you keep them hydrated well hydrated.

With a good nutritional routine you will realize that the amount of hair that you will have to remove when you do maintenance will be less. Tips are key to keeping long hair looking healthy and beautiful.

4.- Massage the scalp

To have a healthy mane you need to be strong from the roots. To achieve this, experts recommend giving your scalp small massages in circular motions. You will promote circulation and make the hair that is born much healthier.

5.- Hydrate your hair

We know that the beauty of our hair has a great base at the ends, but this it does not imply that you abandon the rest of the mane.

Apply serum, moisturizing markers and conditioners according to your hair type at least once a week. This will prevent dull or dry hair.

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