Each season brings changes and they are not only about the weather, but also about the look. Look fresh this spring-summer season with these haircuts that are also in trend.

Sometimes we prefer to maintain our style throughout the year and this limits us to trying new looks that can be flattering, renew our appearance and favor our features.

Layered, medium or fringed haircuts are alternatives that we have to try. Receiving a new season with a change in style will be a way to close cycles and prepare for everything new that is beautiful as a flower.

5 trendy haircuts this spring-summer season

1.- Fringes, one of the haircuts that gain more ground

Fringes are in fashion. They are one of the perfect haircuts to look cooler in this spring-summer 2021 season.

For this season they will be worn longer and more abundant, brushing or passing the eyebrows and a little disheveled. It is one of the styles that with any hairstyle will make you look very chic.

2.- Medium hair

The medium hair is a perfect option to look fresh without sacrificing much the length of your hair. They will be worn above or slightly below the shoulders. And they will help you get out of the heat and at the same time show a more youthful style.

3.- Lob, another cut of the most demanded haircuts

The tapered lob of straight hair is one of the haircuts that you will stand out with wherever you go. Experts suggest wearing it a little below your chin, with straight edges and especially very smoothed so that it can highlight your features.

4.- Large pixie

If what you want is a radical change of look and at the same time feel comfortable, a large pixie is the best option for you. It is one of the haircuts that transmit more freshness, very necessary for this season of high temperatures. It is a short style, with layers and bangs.

5.- Covers

Layers have become one of the most in-demand styles this spring 2021 season. You can wear it with short or medium hair. It will make you feel fresh and, as an added bonus, it will give your hair more volume.

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